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Our top 10 web hosting list gives you a complete rundown of what we feel are the best overall shared web hosting plans that you can buy. We have focused this list on shared hosting because it is the most common hosting that will meet the needs of most people that are looking for a hosting service.

We have researched the Web hosting companies on this list and have looked at many factors to come with our rankings including popularity, shared plan features, customer feedback, reputation on the Web and our opinion.

Check out the top shared Web hosts we have found along with special offers and deals if you sign up now and you can click on each host below to get more details about the hosting plans.


How to Choose the Right Web Hosting

If you are a business owner or individual that is looking for new Web hosting for your company or project then you may have already found out that the choices for Web hosting can be overwhelming. There are thousands of Web hosts out there with prices ranging from dollars a month to hundreds a month. The type of Web hosting you need really depends on what you are going to be doing on the Web.

We are going to give you a quick rundown of the types of hosting that are available and some general tips on how to pick a reliable host to meet your needs.

Dedicated, VPS, Reseller, or Shared Hosting?

There are four major types of Web hosting that are available (Notice we didn’t mention free Web hosting because for most situations it is a waste of time). Let’s take a quick look at the three types of Web hosting that are available from basic to advanced.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web hosting is the most common type of hosting available and is sufficient for most companies or individuals that are looking to Web sites that are not resource intensive and where a large amount of traffic is not anticipated. Shared hosting is perfect for a company Web site or blog that will be presenting marketing information, a way for customers to contact you, and other media.

It is possible to host multiple Web sites with shared hosting although the more sites you add to your hosting plan the slower things may run. Shared hosting shares the resources on a Web server with other hosting accounts. Shared hosting is economical with many of the same features as more advanced sharing plans and can usually be upgraded if you should need more resources. Shared Web hosting is the perfect starter hosting if you are just getting started with a Web site.

Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller Web Hosting is similar hosting but gives you more resources on the server and is geared towards companies that do Web design or want to have multiple Web hosting accounts setup. You will be able to use Web Host Manager or a similar setup to create multiple separate accounts.

Reseller Web hosting is also a good option if you have many Web sites and you want to keep them all separate and don’t want or need the extra resources or management headache of a VPS or Dedicated Web server.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

A VPS or ‘Virtual Private Server’ is a Web hosting option that gives you your own partition on a Web server. Each partition on the Web server runs its own virtual operating system and runs like its own server, sharing the hardware of the server. VPS plans are good for more bandwidth intensive applications such as forums, video sharing, and other media presentation that requires larger downloads.

You may also want to consider a VPS plan if your site gets a lot of traffic and performance is a concern. Cheap VPS plans are available but usually they require that you manage the server yourself so you need to have some experience with running a Web server.

Dedicated Web Hosting

The ‘holy grail’ of Web hosting and something to consider when you need the best performance and lots of hosting space. When you buy dedicated hosting you are basically buying your own server where you are the only one that has files hosted on the server. The two basic types of dedicated hosting are managed and unmanaged and the price of the plan will depend on which route you go with.

Just like with VPS hosting you need to have experience with configuration and maintenance of a Web server if you do not get a managed plan. Dedicated Web hosting can be hundreds of dollars a month and is only used if your website(s) need the power.

Final Tips on Selecting a Web Host

As we have talked about you should probably start off by selecting a shared web hosting company from our top 10 web hosting list above. These are trusted companies that have a good reputation and customer service track record as well as excellent prices. It is possible to get Web hosting that is cheaper but just like with many things in life you get what you pay for.

The benefit of saving a few dollars a month will result in poorer customer service and more frustration with the performance of your Website. As long as you stick to the companies above or others that have been in business for a long time you will be just fine.

It is ok to start with shared Web hosting because you can usually upgrade to a better hosting plan if you need more resources. Most hosting companies will even move your sites for free and the process is very easy.

We recommend using a host with cPanel or similar control panel to manage domains and your Web hosting features. We also recommend a Linux based server as they are the most common and generally the least expensive and most reliable option.

Take a look at some of the offers from the companies above and get the hosting you need now!


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