Which Are the Top 100 Best Anime Websites in the World?

Which Are the Top 100 Best Anime Websites in the World?

Anime is particularly referred to Japanese animation, which has millions of fans from all over the world. As the Japanese language is not recognizable for all kinds of people from different regions, the anime will either be dubbed or subbed in English. There are a lot of anime websites who are well organized and updated on a daily basis across the world. We have listed top 100 best anime websites that you can watch great anime videos and gather a clear view of them.

Below you will discover the most popular free anime sites list as we know that it is so elusive to find out best anime sites and no need any signup or registration. We have provided the best top 100 best anime site list including anime streaming sites. After researching all the anime sites, we have found that there is few anime website allows users to download anime videos to the computer.

  1. sankakucomplex : Among the top 100 anime website list Sankakucomplex.com is one of the best anime site which features articles on anime, manga, cosplay, and games from Japan. Also includes an image gallery for sharing wallpapers.
  2. pokemon : Pokemon.com is the Nintendo’s official Pokémon site. Latest news, Pokédex, games, downloads and competitions.
  3. animenewsnetwork : Animenewsnetwork.com is an anime industry produces news and reviews and features an encyclopedia, forums, surveys, and contests.
  4. animefreak : Animefreak.tv features a huge variety of series available for streaming on the site.
  5. gaiaonline : Gaiaonline.com is an online hangout, incorporating forums, social networking, gaming and a virtual world anime site.
  6. Anime-planet : Anime-planet.com has the anime and manga database, reviews on social networking features like blogs and the facility to keep track of what you have seen and read.
  7. narutobase : Narutobase.net is providing Naruto images galleries, animated gifs, jutsu information, communities, episode air dates, and forums.
  8. animelyrics : Animelyrics.com has lyrics from over 7000 anime, J-pop, and video game songs.
  9. saiyanisland : Saiyanisland.com are providing Dragon Ball Z, Naruto news, images, information, tests and many more.
  10. viz : Viz.com provides information on anime, manga, graphic novels, and merchandise from Viz. With news, profiles and downloads.
  11. bulbagarden : Bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net is a Wiki-style encyclopedia which containing information on the anime movies, series, games and manga.
  12. animecharactersdatabase : Search over 76,000 characters on Alexa’s Visual Search Engine for Anime Characters. Join their Anime Community complete with Guilds, Chat, Forums, Message Boards, Lounge and so much more.
  13. thespectrum : Thespectrum.net is the leading Japanese anime website which featuring in-depth reviews, videos and image galleries.
  14. animesuki : Animesuki.com has the facility of fan-subtitled episode downloads through BitTorrent. They’ve also includes forum.
  15. cosplay : Cosplay community has anime, manga, japanese rock (jrock), role-playing games (rpgs) and japanese pop (jpop). They have also forum and gallery for their members to talk about and upload their photos from anime conventions.
  16. animarathon : Animarathon established in 2003 and celebrates all features of anime and Japanese media.
  17. animea : Animea.net contains a number of anime reviews submitted by users.
  18. imdb : Imdb.com features Plot outline, photo gallery, cast, crew, awards, and reviews.
  19. Well-of-souls : Well-of-souls.com presents original and fan works by a number of artists. They’ve also features CG tutorials.
  20. animemusicvideos : Animemusicvideos.org has hundreds of music videos, as well as hardware, software and guides.
  21. ichigos : Ichigos.com features free sheet music and MIDI files for most popular anime and games.
  22. boyis : Boyis.com features Flash Games, Anime and Game Wallpapers and Cool Emoticons.
  23. com : Onepieceofficial.com officially broadcast anime series for US residents only.
  24. gendou : Gendou.com presents free MP3 files from different anime series and offers a search engine, lyrics, a request system, discussion forum and song ratings.
  25. pokedream : Pokedream.com provides information about the anime series, Nintendo games and trading cards with humor and arcade games like as Bop-a-Diglett and Skating Pikachu.
  1. skullknight : Skullknight.net presents series FAQ and translation.
  2. Awa-con : AWA established in 1995 presents annual convention in Atlanta, Georgia.
  3. yibis : Yibis.com is featuring subtitled versions of new anime episodes.
  4. theotaku : Theotaku.com contains e-cards, reviews, news, articles, wallpapers, fan art, personality quizzes and forums.
  5. withthewill : Withthewill.net is the fan community for the Digimon series.
  6. animecons : AnimeCons.com is a web site which dedicated to providing you news and information on anime conventions in the US, Canada and beyond. You can check their events section to find anime conventions near you.
  7. Anime-evo : Anime-evo.net features News, previews, reviews, image galleries and special feature articles.
  8. acparadise : Acparadise.com features a searchable database of users, with image galleries and a forum covering upcoming events and costumes.
  9. Anime-expo : Anime-expo.org presents annual convention in Anaheim, California.
  10. macrossworld : Macrossworld.com features Models, books, toys, advertising image archive, trading post, merchandise guide and links.
  11. manga : Manga.com is the Ultimate in Anime!
  12. watchpokemonepisodes : Watchpokemonepisodes.com presents free streaming episodes of Pokemon.
  13. nausicaa : Nausicaa.net contains information about the company and its films, virtual tour, staff profiles, history, merchandise and details of the Disney-Tokuma deal.
  14. animecrave : Animecrave.com is the online anime entertainment
  15. howtodrawmanga : Howtodrawmanga.com feature Paintshop and Photoshop tutorials, clothing, women, tips for drawing faces and specific anime characters.
  16. imdb : Imdb.com presents plot outline, reviews, cast, crew and awards.
  17. agarrado : Josh.agarrado.net provides free music sheets for different anime series in PDF format. MIDI files for certain music sheets are also included.
  18. themanime : Themanime.org has dedicated to reviews, as well as humor, information, and discussion on Japanese animation.
  19. mangatutorials : Mangatutorials.com teach you, how to draw manga from tutorials covering anatomy, cging, publishing and clothing your comic. Features include forum, oekaki and contests also.
  20. animenfo : Animenfo.com features Anime and Manga online database with a search engine, japanese studios, U.S distribution, cast, general information, genre and characters.
  21. cosplayisland : Cosplayisland.co.uk is the UK cosplay site including member photos, event reports, news, tutorials and community forum.
  22. mahq : Mahq.net presents Profiles, images and episode summaries for different series, as well as articles, fiction, fan and forum.
  23. rubberslug : Rubberslug.com contains member information, galleries of user’s collections and cel resources.
  24. Anime-source : Anime-source.com reports on new anime series, fansub releases, conventions and video games. Also offers editorials, reviews, biographies of voice actors, Japanese history, manga translations and information as regards anime being televised in North America.
  25. Baka-updates : Baka-updates.com features news and release dates for popular Anime series.
  26. onlineghibli : Onlineghibli.com feature news, film information and images and forum.
  27. gainax : Gainax.co.jp presents catalog of works, artist and writer’s pages, and technical support.
  28. animecubed : Animecubed.com features wallpaper, images, manga translations, contests, reviews, music, lyrics and postcards.
  29. animeboston : Anime Boston established in April, 2003 and now it’s one of the largest anime conventions on the East Coast. Anime Boston presents annual convention in Boston, Massachusetts.
  30. momocon : Momocon.com is the America’s largest free admission fan convention, featuring anime, costuming, video games, comics and science fiction.
  31. animeigo : Animeigo.com presents anime and samurai films, videos, images, LDs, character goods and a chat room.
  32. anime : Anime.com’s monthly magazine featuring manga, DVD and anime related book reviews.
  33. sailormoonforum : Sailormoonforum.com contains forum for the TV series, fandom and videogames.
  34. alexsdbzrpg : Alexsdbzrpg.com is a friendly role playing community which is always welcomes new members.
  35. animegalleries : Animegalleries.net is an automatic avatar/buddy icon maker, slideshow, postcards and a large number of thumbnailed images arranged by character from 50 plus anime series.
  36. acen : Acen.org presents annual convention in Rosemont, Illinois.
  37. nausicaa : Nausicaa contains information, articles, reviews and resources on film, director and studio, and other works which they have done.
  38. mahq : Mahq presents mobile suits illustrations and data collection and also archives of mechas from all other sci-fi animes anad Gundam series.
  39. sacanime : Sacanime.com presents annual convention in Sacramento, California.
  40. animeusa : Animeusa established in 1999 in Crystal City, VA, Anime USA is a non-profit educational convention presents Annual convention in Washington, DC.
  41. animeuknews : Animeuknews.net features news, reviews and DVD schedules from the United Kingdom perspective.
  42. otakon : Otakon.com presents annual convention in Baltimore, Maryland.
  43. fanexpocanada : Fanexpocanada.com presents annual convention in Toronto, Canada.
  44. yayahan : Yayahan.com presents costuming of Yaya Han, costumes arranged by genre and includes construction notes.
  45. imdb : Imdb.com presents Cast, awards, trivia, crew and reviews.
  46. anotheranimecon : Anotheranimecon.com presents annual convention in Manchester, New Hampshire.
  47. narutosquared : Narutosquared.com presents series information, amv’s, wallpapers, image gallery, multimedia, online episodes and links.
  48. fanime : Fanime.com presents annual convention in San Jose, California.
  49. saintseiyafan : Saintseiyafan.com presents News, translations for new manga chapters of Lost Canvas and Next Dimension, and forum.
  50. dbzwarriors : Dbzwarriors.com presents Pictures, music videos, coloring pages, movie news, power levels, wallpaper, movie clips and information of the anime Dragonball Z.
  51. animediet : Animediet.net presents Anime team blog and podcast, with reviews, editorials, news commentaries, and convention videos.
  52. animelyrics : Animelyrics.com presents Music information by title in English and Japanese with descriptions.
  53. animecon: Animecon.nl presents Annual convention in Haarlem, Netherlands.
  54. Uk-anime.net : Uk-anime.net is The latest anime and manga news, reviews, interviews, articles and resources for otaku in the UK.
  55. keiichianimeforever : Keiichianimeforever (KAF) is an anime community and information site with over 900,000 posts and 25,000 members, online anime, reviews, and downloads.
  56. csus : Csus.edu presents Vince Seifert’s work, including the sequel “Centaur.”
  57. tatsunoko : Tatsunoko.co.jp presents information on the company’s works.
  58. wikia : Medabots.wikia.com presents comprehensive Medabots information bank including information from the anime and the videogames.
  59. yaoicon : Yaoicon.com presents annual anime convention in San Francisco, California. The only convention dedicated to the Boys Love genre.
  60. animelosangeles : Animelosangeles.org presents anime convention in Los Angeles, California.
  61. robotech : Robotech.com is the official site by Harmony Gold presents news, episode guide, character and images, audio, mecha profiles, video clips and fan works.
  62. Sailor-games : Sailor-games.com presents official games, free fan-made games and other activities, forums, information, videos and oeka.
  63. akadot : Akadot.com presents news, conventions, release dates, top ten lists and columns.
  64. hajimenokizu : Hajimenokizu.com contains information on both the real and fictional Saitou, fanfiction, fanart, music videos and scans of Shinsengumi-related doujinshi.
  65. kumoricon : Kumoricon.org presents annual convention in Portland, Oregon.
  66. yugiohforums : Yugiohforums.com is a forum site which dedicated to bring you the latest news.
  67. sakuracon : Sakuracon.org presents annual convention in Seattle, Washington and previously known as Baka!-con prior to 2000.
  68. animevortex : Animevortex.net presents reviews, discussion, previews, media, pictures, clips and an IRC channel.
  69. colossalcon : Colossalcon.com presents annual convention held in Sandusky, Ohio.
  70. animeboards : Animeboards.com presents anime message boards grouped by community chit-chat, fan art, fan fiction, movies, video games, specific titles, roleplaying, music and news.
  71. animethon : Animethon.org presents annual convention held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  72. imdb : Imdb.com presents database entry, including trailers, cast, photos, and crew information, user reviews, and message board.
  73. libertycityanimecon : Libertycityanimecon.com presents annual convention in New York. The convention hosted by Liberty City Anime Con Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which dedicated to promoting reading manga, Japanese culture and anime.
  74. animenorth : Animenorth.com presents annual convention held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  75. ndkdenver : Ndkdenver.org presents annual convention held in Denver, Colorado.

As there is a tendency for maximum anime websites that they are taking benefits by attempting to introduce Malwares and Viruses on our PCs when we tap on play button. Indeed, even some better sites are also requesting for bucks to stream anime movies on the web. In this rundown of best anime sites, we just said those sites which are accessible for nothing of cost, frequently redesigned, profoundly trusted and good with every one of the gadgets. Despite the fact that there is an official method for downloading movies by means of Torrents, This is exceptionally hazardous procedure the same number of the documents in Torrents ruins our framework. To watch free anime online in safe and time powerful way I firmly prescribe you individuals to free anime online on those sites which we have specified.

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