Top 35 Best Books and eBooks Torrent Sites

Top 35 Best Books and eBooks Torrent Sites

If you like to download your most books from the internet, then you will have to select a torrent server for it. There are various ways to download your favorite books or e-books. It is true that torrent is the best platform in internet where you can easily download various types of essential items for your regular service. According to the report of tech magazines, all torrent sites use more than 4% sharing bandwidth in all over the world. It is possible for us to get all types of pirated books and banned files in the torrent server.

If we want to know the activities of torrent books, it is a reliable way to share a large amount of the data in the most efficient way. Most of the people have a great faith on it. In every month, billions of files are exchanged through torrent server.  More than 150 million users are directly connected with torrent books. Before downloading any files, you will have to understand the types of files. It is a great idea to think about the name of a reliable torrent sites for downloading your favorite books or e-books.

Torrent sites have a large network.  In terms of technical situation, torrent server can easily circulate a large amount of data through the internet technology.

Now it is a question, what are torrent books? This question has many answers. Before discussing this, we need to understand the meaning of torrent books. Torrent is some kind of protocol for peer to peer file sharing. Torrent server is used for client and there are options for download. Most of the torrent files contain essential information for torrent tracker. These torrent files contain text information for starting download from our PC or laptop.   The download speed of the torrent servers depend on peer to peer connection between server and client. Nowadays some people use torrent through Zbigz which can enhance the speed of download. The main responsibility of torrent server is to deliver high quality data through the internet system. At the beginning, most of the torrent servers used for downloading movies, software and videos. Nowadays, this tradition has been changed rapidly with respect to time. There are various types of torrent sites in all over the world. That’s why it is important to know the best torrent sites for downloading e-books.

Here I am going to discuss about the top 30+ best books and eBooks Torrent sites, these are given below:

  1. freebookspot : This site is free for all users. We can easily download best torrent books for free of charge.
  2. FREE-EBOOKS : This site is the #1 source in the internet for free eBook downloads. Potential readers can download best torrent books resources according to their requirements. You can easily read and download all types of torrent books at free of cost.
  3. manybooks : This site is also very famous in the internet world. There are millions of free e-books. It is possible for us to get pre-formatted books for reading by using your computer. Nowadays it is also possible for us to get all these files on your iPod or smart phone.
  4. getfreeebooks : This torrent books site is a free e-books site where potential readers can easily download all types of legal e-books. Most of the books are available in many formats like doc or PDF. There are various types of categories to select from the list. You don’t need any registration for reading these e-books.
  5. freetechbooks : This torrent books site is famous for science students. Most of the computer science students like to enter in this site. It is popular for programming books, engineering, ebooks, lecture notes, texts, textbooks, documentations and other research references.
  6. freecomputerbooks : This torrent books site consists of a great collection of Mathematics, free online Computer books, Programming with Technical Books, Tutorials and Lecture Notes. This site is well organized by topics. There are 12 top level categories which have more than 150 sub-divisions.
  7. scribd: This best torrent books site is famous for Unlimited Books. Most of the readers enter in this site for reading interesting e-books.
  8. onlinefreeebooks : This best torrent books site is another famous site for e-books. It can provide links to many ebooks. Most of the books are in PDF format. There are nine large categories, these are Hobbies ebooks, Programming, Automotive Ebooks, Engineering Ebooks, Gadget Ebooks, Business Ebooks, Health & Medical Ebooks, Martial Art Ebooks, technology ebooks etc.
  9. knowfree : This best torrent books site is updated rapidly. According to the report of the authority, more than 100 free ebooks are updated on daily.
  10. onlinecomputerbooks : This torrent books site is also famous for computer science. You can download Free Programming eBooks, Computer Books and Free IT related eBooks. Computer programmers can read VB, C++, Java, PHP, C#, ASP.NET, Python, Ruby Books Online.
  11. bookyards : This torrent books site is treated as the world’s largest online library. Readers can easily find out a large number of free ebooks. There is an option for free print or download  your books at free of cost.
  12. ebooklobby : This online Library is famous for free ebooks. There are various types of computing, programming business and art free ebooks.
  13. digital.library : This best torrent books site has more than 30,000 free ebooks for readers.
  14. planetpublish : This best torrent books site is a great source of Free PDF eBooks.
  15. dailylit : Many readers enter in this best torrent books site for reading ebooks by using daily email.
  16. wikibooks : This site is for a Wikimedia community which is creating for educational textbooks.
  17. gutenberg : You can download free torrent books for ipad, kindle, android and look or read online. Readers don’t go for registration.
  18. readeasily : This famous torrent books site is a digital library for potential readers.
  19. planetebook : This site is famous for free torrent books of classic literature. You can subscribe to their free email newsletter and eBooks blog.
  20. e-library : There are more than thousands of ebooks which is organized by various categories. Readers can get free and cheap eBooks.
  21. bookboon : This torrent books site provides more than 1000+ free eBooks. It is possible for us to download business books and textbooks in PDF format without any registration.
  22. ebook3000 : It is knowns as the best free ebooks download library in the world. This library has the open directory for free ebooks. There are some download links. This site is a great place for reading ebooks. You can search free download ebooks from this site.
  23. pdfgive : This reliable torrent books site has regular new PDF ebooks which are always ready for download. We can get PDF documents are Free of cost.
  24. slideshare : It is possible for readers to Share, Discover and current presentations. It is known as the world’s largest content sharing community for professionals.
  25. bookgoldmine : This torrent books site is famous for free e-books, notes, lectures and other essential documents in many subjects.
  26. ebooks-space : This torrent books site is popular to computer science students. Readers are allowed to download Java,C,C++,C#, Oracle,Flash,Photoshop, Computer, Programming, .Net, PHP, CSS,AJAX,XML,HTML,MS Tutorial, SQL, Linux and Website download at free of cost.
  27. e-booksdirectory : This E-Books Directory is organized of freely downloadable online ebooks. This site is updated daily through new e-books. There are also free download links and fresh reviews.
  28. free-ebooks-canada : This site is famous in Canada and the USA. It is a great source of Reports, Videos, Free Ebooks on many topics.
  29. ebooksdownloadfree : There are options for free ebooks download. This site is equipped with the latest chm ebooks and PHP Ajax C sharo ASP medicine seo books in pdf format. There are free rapidshare megaupload mediafire torrent links. We can download computer fictiom medical comic children books and free ebooks online.
  30. pdfgeni : This site is famous for sheets, forms, PDF ebooks, and essential documents.
  31. pdfchm : This site has a great collection of technical ebooks and general interest.
  32. ebook-x : This site is famous for Ebook Extreme.
  33. computer-books : It is a source of the highest quality computer related ebooks. These books are available for free download.
  34. techbooksforfree : This site is a great source of computer ebooks like Perl/Python, C and C++, Java, Linux, SQL Database, Microsoft, Programming, Security, Science ebooks, and  Manuals.
  35. issuu: This site is a digital publishing platform. We can easily print catalogs, newspapers, magazines and books.

We can easily share our publications with millions of readers.

It is true that torrent books are new term in the current world. Once people went to library for reading books. Most of the famous universities have a great collection of paper based books. It is difficult for the librarians to maintain these books on regularly. Some of the universities used modern DVDs for restoring books in electronic format. It is also very expensive and time consuming. For most of the time, they need to use a huge space to preserve the electronic devices. They used various techniques for restoring paper based data into electronic formats.

In the 21st century, a new method has been introduced in the world. Some libraries in the USA and Canada use modern server for restoring data. They use torrent server for e-books. It is best platform on web where you are able to download any kind of document or torrent books at reasonable cost. Some sites offer free registration for readers. It is very helpful for them who have lack of ability to buy books.

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