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Let your dreams outgrow the shoes of your expectations.

Everyone has dreams. Me, you, others everyone. Everyone has dreamt of becoming something. That dream of yours was beyond your life, beyond yourself and beyond everything else. And as Ryunosuke Satoro said, “Let your dreams outgrow the shoes of your expectations”. It was a very big dream. And it may be possible, it is not big for others. But that dream was your life.

Low expectations is the key to happiness in life.

Keeping expectations low may be the key to happiness. Not expecting much from something or someone is the biggest gift that you can gift yourself. Life is nothing but a cruel roller-coaster. Just when you think things are going pretty well, it hits you right in the face with something terrible. If you want to live a happier life just lower your expectations.

Anger always comes from frustrated expectations.

Anger and disappointment are closely related. Disappointment is directly linked to one’s expectations; when our expectations and the outcome do not match. The occasional disappointment doesn’t normally trigger anger. The unwillingness to accept the reality – that you didn’t get what you expected – is what triggers anger.

Peace begins When expectation ends.

Peace begins when expectation ends means when there is no expectation, there is a peace that prevails on the person. Expectations only lead to unhappiness, misunderstanding and could even lead to mistrust and even hatred. When one has any expectation of another, there is always a possibility of the outcome being unexpected. But if there is no expectation on each other, then whatever the outcome, it will have no negative effect on the person.

You should have high expectations for yourself and others should come second.

When you have high expectations for yourself, what others expect of you will not have as much importance as what you expect of yourself. Recall the expectations you had for yourself and your ability to reach them. Identify how you can use that experience to expect more from yourself the next time you pursue a goal.

Do not expect much from humans. Expect much more from God.

Life does not play out as expected. Some of my expectations have been met, others have been exceeded, and yet others remain unmet. Expect Great Things from God. Do not expect much from humans. They cannot fulfill your expectation. Think big and Expect much more from God.

High expectations are the key to everything.

Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, did pretty well. He set some great expectations for himself and his company. If you don’t aim high, you might achieve it, so aim higher. Have high expectations of yourself, hold yourself to a higher standard, then don’t give up until you achieve it.

You can't base your life on other people's expectations.

It is very important to acknowledge the fact that expectations at some point or the other will definitely hurt. Remember that we are the result of our own choices and therefore we should decide for ourselves.