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Only you can give meaning to your life.

This quote reminds us that we are the authors of our own lives. No one else has the power to decide what will make up our experience except for us, so it's important to make choices based on what will lead us to satisfaction in the long run. If you feel unhappy, always remember that it's within your control to change things around.

Treating others with respect is one of the most important things we can do in life.

This quote sums up the importance of respect in a very simple way. It's one of the most important things we can do in our lives, both for ourselves and for others. When we approach every interaction with respect, it makes the world a better place for everyone.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

This quote speaks to the importance of understanding your purpose in life. Once you know why you're here, every other challenge becomes more manageable. It's also a reminder that life is precious and should be lived to the fullest.

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.
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This quote is a reflection on how life goes on, no matter what happens. When bad things happen, it's easy to feel sorry for yourself, but you should always remember that life will keep going without you if you don't get up and live!

From what we get, we can make a living. What we give, however, makes a life.

This quote about family has reminded me that it's important to not just take from relationships but to also give. When I'm generous with my time, love, and support, it makes the other person feel appreciated and loved. And that feels pretty good.

One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching.

This quote is a sobering reminder that life is short and we should make the most of our time on earth. We should live each day to the fullest and savor all the experiences life has to offer. Don’t wait until it’s too late to achieve your dreams to find out what they are. You’ll have regrets about things you should have done when you had the chance.

When you have to go on without somebody, you remember all the times they made you laugh.

I know this sounds silly but it always helps remind me of the good memories with someone when they're gone. This quote about family is really touching because it shows that no matter what happens in life, even between loved ones, laughter will bring us back together again. That's why it's so important.

The only way out is through.

As difficult as life might seem at times, there comes a point where we must stop feeling sorry for ourselves and keep pressing on despite our pain. The only way through something dark is by traveling straight towards the light!!!

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Nothing is impossible if you make it through life with faith in your heart and determination in every stride. If anything is capable of trapping us down then it is our own fears and doubts because worry breeds nothing but regret.

To the world, you are just one person, but to one person you may be the world.

I used to think that I only mattered to my family. After all, I'm their son/daughter, right? But then I realized that people outside of my family have also loved and supported me. So even though I only matter to a select few it doesn't take away from who I am or how much those people love me.

Negative emotions like loneliness, envy, and guilt have an important role to play in a happy life; they're big, flashing signs that something needs to change.

Negative emotions are an inevitable part of life and something that we need to experience in order to have a full, rich life. Negative emotions serve evolutionary purposes, encouraging us to act in ways that boost our chances of survival and help us grow and develop as people.

Life only demands from you the strength you possess. Only one feat is possible - not to have run away.

In a world that can sometimes seem so harsh, the best gift we can give ourselves is courage. If today seems too difficult to handle alone, remember that life was meant to be shared and there will always be someone out there who cares for you even if they don't know it yet!

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

This quote is very profound. It's important to figure out what our purpose in life is because once we know that, everything becomes a lot clearer. Once we know the purpose, we can start taking steps to achieve it and be happy.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.
- Confucius -

Sometimes life slows us down when we least expect it but the only way to get through these rough patches is by continuing to move forward at all costs. You are capable of achieving anything if you don't give up so keep on fighting!!!

Food, like sex, is a necessity of life.

This quote is pretty self-explanatory! Food is essential for our survival, and just like with sex, there's no need to be ashamed or embarrassed about it. Embrace your love of food and enjoy every minute of it!

There is only one way to live your life. One day at a time.

Live in the present. This is perhaps one of the most important quotes about immediacy in life as it reminds us that right now is all we have. The past is gone and the future is yet to come, so why waste our time thinking about either?

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

This is another quote that speaks for itself. There is nothing you should worry about other than yourself, your actions, and your mindset. You can control all of these things - so focus on them!

I don't think I've ever had a bad meal in my life.

This quote is perfect for those who love food (obviously). James Beard was one of the most famous chefs in America, and he was known for his incredible culinary skills. If he says that he's never had a bad meal, then you know that you're in for a real treat! Enjoy every bite of your food, and remember that it's all about the journey, not just the destination.

My choices early in life were very poor ones, but they were the only ones I could live with at the time.

We may not always make the right decisions in our lives, but if we learn from our mistakes it doesn't matter too much. We need to remember that everyone makes bad decisions now and then, but if we try to do better next time then that's all that matters.

God helps those who help themselves.
- Aesop -

The phrase "God helps those who help themselves" emphasizes the importance of self-initiative and agency. The expression is known around the world and is used to inspire people for self-help. The gods help people if the people help themselves.

We are all born alone and die alone. Loneliness is definitely part of the journey of life.

Loneliness, when one is alone, is a natural part of the human condition. It is an evolutionary necessity that probably pre-dates humanity in organisms. Loneliness can be powerful with conscious understanding. The sadness implied in loneliness is soulful, and thus, valuable.

Do not count your chickens before they are hatched
- Aesop -

Do not do anything you are not sure of until it actually happens. YOU should not make plans that depend on something good happening before you know that it has actually happened:

Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you.

If we are happy, sad, or scared, then our emotions will reflect that, and that would be how we feel. No matter whether something is deep or shallow, mundane or complex, if we like it we like it. And if we don't, then we don't because our emotions never lie.

Some people come into our life as blessings. Some come into your life as lessons.

Some people come into your life as blessings because they are the right type of people to be with who is true to you. Some people come into your life as lessons. Sometimes friendships, relationships, do not pan out to be the way you would have expected them to, and that is a learning experience.

Never trust the advice of a man in difficulties.
- Aesop -

By an unlucky chance a Fox fell into a deep well from which he could not get out. A Goat passed by shortly afterwards, and asked the Fox what he was doing down there. "Oh, have you not heard?" said the Fox; "there is going to be a great drought, so I jumped down here in order to be sure to have water by me. Why don't you come down too?" The Goat thought well of this advice, and jumped down into the well. But the Fox immediately jumped on her back, and by putting his foot on her long horns managed to jump up to the edge of the well. "Good-bye, friend," said the Fox, "remember next time. It is wise not to trust a man who is in a difficult situation. He will always think of his own good. He will use you to get rid of his problems.

We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.
- Aesop -

We kill the people who steal small things. The ones who steal big things we elect to be our leaders. It is the scenario of our world.

A good life is not a life without problems. A good life is a life with good problems.

Without problems, life has no value. We are interested in games and sports when the players are equal and the results are unknown. In the same way, life is a game with problems that are to be overcome. We should face the problems with courage thinking that God has given us a chance to show our best ability.

The unhappy derive comfort from the misfortunes of others.
- Aesop -

Most of the people envy each other specially an unhappy man. He doesn’t fell happy to see other's success. He finds happiness in other’s failure. But he doesn’t know that this envy is the reason behind his unhappiness.

Respect is a two-way street, if you want to get it, you’ve got to give it.

People tend to respect those who respect them. If they have any personal arguments within themselves they will no longer be respecting the person concerned. But normally we tend to respect those who are warm and well-behaving toward us. So always be warm and caring. Respect people around you.If they find your personality pleasant, needless to say, they will be respecting you.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted
- Aesop -

Kindness is the right choice because it’s the right thing to do not because it will win us friends, or fame or money. Thus, kindness is never wasted, even though the recipient of kindness might reject us or our actions or spit in our faces, for one reason or another.

A liar will not be believed, even when he speaks the truth.
- Aesop -

There’s a traditional fable, The story of the boy who cried ‘wolf!’ which illustrates this very well. "Even when liars tell the truth, they may not be believed" means that if someone has a reputation for telling lies, people will come to assume that everything they say is a lie. Then if they say something that is true, people will assume that this, too, is actually untrue - another lie. A person who gains a reputation for being dishonest will not be believed about anything, even the truth. If people think that you are a liar, they will not believe anything you say.

After all is said and done, more is said than done.
- Aesop -

A talker seems to know the solutions to everything, has great plans on how he’s going to make money or get a new job. But the funny thing is, the talker never acts on his solutions and his great plans. And he never gets that new job. He’s out of work or stuck in a job he hates. To everyone else, it’s clear that the talker is full of hot air, but he believes he’s bluffing everyone along, or conflates talking with doing. When confronted, a talker always has excuses for not getting things done: he doesn’t have time, he doesn’t have the skills, the odds are stacked against him. And when a talker does do something, he often takes a shortcut. Action speaks louder than words.

Every truth has two sides; it is as well to look at both, before we commit ourselves to either.
- Aesop -

Every truth has two sides. There could be a lie under the truth. There could be a huge gap in the truth. We should know the actual picture, the two side of a truth before commit ourselves.

A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety.
- Aesop -

In just 13 words, Aesop captures within this quote the power of contentment and so much more than that. We people take pause to observe Thanksgiving, the hustle and bustle of the annual holiday often has us swallowing the feast of contentment without even tasting it. Rather than slowing down and peacefully enjoying the crust of simplicity, we feel it necessary to anxiously partake in a banquet of complexity. Enjoying a small things is better than having a bigger one but not enjoying.

Beware that you do not lose the substance by grasping at the shadow.
- Aesop -

IT happened that a Dog had got a piece of meat and was carrying it home in his mouth to eat it in peace. Now on his way home he had to cross a plank lying across a running brook. As he crossed, he looked down and saw his own shadow reflected in the water beneath. Thinking it was another dog with another piece of meat, he made up his mind to have that also. So he made a snap at the shadow in the water, but as he opened his mouth the piece of meat fell out, dropped into the water and was never seen more. We should be happy with what we have. Greediness always pay off with loosing.

Adventure is worthwhile.
- Aesop -

It means that the adventure, either as a result of what you got for completing it, or the experience of completing it, justified whatever difficulty there was in doing so.

Slow but steady wins the race.
- Aesop -

A hare makes fun of a tortoise for being slow. The tortoise then challenges the hare to a race. Amused by the idea, the hare accepts. He believes there is no way he could possibly lose to a slow turtle. With the course set and ready to go, the race begins and the hare quickly darts down the path, leaving his fellow green contender in the dust. It’s not long before the hare builds a strong lead. In fact, his lead is so strong that he decides to take a nap! Meanwhile, the tortoise continues plodding along, running at a slow and steady pace until he eventually catches up and even passes the napping hare! Shortly after, the hare wakes up only to see the tortoise moments away from finishing the race. He desperately tries to catch up, running as fast as he can, but it’s too late, the tortoise crosses the finish line and wins the race. Slow but steady wins the race is a phrase that means slow, productive progress leads to success, as in We take your time to build this house right. Remember, slow but steady wins the race! You’re likely to hear Slow but steady wins the race when someone thinks doing something slowly but skillfully is better because it helps to avoid mistakes.

Appearances are often deceiving.
- Aesop -

The external appearances of an object or a person should not play role in judging them. The external appearances may not be true and there may be some hidden inner qualities. Generally people look at some things and then try judge by them by their sense of vision. But there are many things which have common external appearances but they are very different internally. Diamonds and Glass beads look alike but diamonds are strong. There is also an old story where the tiger which wanted to hunt cows wore the skin and behaved like a cow. He later on entered the cow shed and started killing the cows. People for a long time thought that he was a cow until they found that it is only a tiger in a cow’s hide. So with our power of analytic thinking and reasoning we should judge people and objects based on their inner qualities and not by their external appearances.

United we stand divided we fall.
- Aesop -

Once upon a time, there lived a farmer in a village. He had three sons. They always quarrelled with one another. The farmer was much worried about them. He advised them to live in peace but all in vain. One day he fell seriously ill. He planned to advise them for the last time. He sent for his Sons. They came at once. He asked them to bring a bundle of sticks. When they did so, he ordered them to break the bundle one by one. They tried their best to break it but none could succeed. At last, the farmer untied the bundle and asked each of them to break a stick one by one. Everyone broke his stick quite easily. The farmer then advised them that if they are united like the sticks, no one would harm them. But they would be ruined, if they were divided. This had a very good effect on them. So they began to live peacefully. United we stand divided we fall implies that individuals who stand together are glad to accomplish any objective throughout everyday life. However, separation can cause a great fall. Be it, individual or expert, unity holds importance in each period of life. A gathering of individuals who remain united steadily makes more progress than a lonely individual. Through the essay on united we stand divided we fall, one can know if we stay together, then nobody can defeat. But if we keep fighting among ourselves, then any outsider can defeat us.  

We would often be sorry if our wishes were gratified.
- Aesop -

We wish for something. A new car, a new job, a new relationship or perhaps a new pair of shoes. And perhaps you think: “if I only get this thing, then I’m home, then I’ll feel happy and good all around”. And then you get it. And it’s awesome. But often for just a while. And then you may feel like maybe something went a bit wrong. Like it didn’t fulfil you or complete you like you thought it would. Why? Well, after while when you get used to something, when it becomes normal, then the ego tends to want more once again. Or maybe you can’t enjoy something for what it is because even though your environment changes, you are still the same. The same person with the same outlook on life. With the same self-imposed barriers for your own success and happiness and maybe self-sabotaging behaviour. And until you take a look at those things you may find yourself repeating the same patterns over and over. When you are the same, you often tend to get the same results over and over again. Also, our wishes can often come through accompanied by unexpected and not so pleasant side effects. Things may seem just perfect when you dream about them. In reality, it can become a little more complicated and messy. Now, new things or people can be great. But if you think this one thing will fix all your problems or focus on the wrong aspects – what is not perfect, how can I get more etc. – instead of the positives and gratitude then you may find yourself always looking for the next thing and create quite a bit of stress and unhappiness within.

Better be wise by the misfortunes of others than by your own.
- Aesop -

This is a very useful thing to keep in mind. Not the easiest to implement consistently though. Some things are very hard to learn by just watching others make a mistake. You have to make it yourself, get the experience of it and learn about the thoughts and feelings associated to it. With that understanding it can be easier to actually learn to avoid doing the same mistake over and over. However, to keep your eyes and mind open to the mistakes and misfortunes of others around you – or via books or blogs – is still very useful. It can allow you to make quicker and less painful progress, for instance when you are a beginner at something.

Don’t let your special character and values, the secret that you know and no one else does, the truth – don’t let that get swallowed up by the great chewing complacency.
- Aesop -

One of the big, and sneakiest, obstacles to living the life you wish for is complacency. It tells you that it’s easier to just stay where you are, to watch TV and eat snacks instead of for instance working out or trying something new. Or expressing yourself in a genuine way. Complacency might give a feeling of things being good enough. Or a sense of security. But a sense of security is often a just false sense of security. You never really know what will happen. If you want to fulfil more of your potential, if you want to find out what you really can do, then complacency isn’t such a good idea. But how do you keep yourself from falling into it? I don’t have an easy answer. I think you have to keep your focus on the right things to help yourself to grow. And not only check your own thinking and actions continually but also fill much of your life with people and information that will inspire you, challenge you and keep you in a supportive environment. And keep you from falling back into a lazy, comfortable rut.

He that always gives way to others will end in having no principles of his own.
- Aesop -

One good reason to have a direction and goals in life is simply because if you don’t, then someone else does. And that person will get the people without goals to work on his/her goal. Or as the second quote suggests, they might help you but with an ulterior motive. And so you lose your personal power. You give it away to someone else by not having your own direction, by not keeping your own hands on the wheel. And it may not feel that horrible really. It might feel safe. But on the other hand, if you start setting goals and get a direction in life you tend to perk up and feel more empowered. That vague, underlying uneasiness that seemed to float through your life start to vanish. You feel more alert. And you can start to work much more on what you really want out of life, instead of what someone else may tell you that you should do or want.

If you allow men to use you for your own purposes, they will use you for theirs.
- Aesop -

One good reason to have a direction and goals in life is simply because if you don’t, then someone else does. And that person will get the people without goals to work on his/her goal. Or as the second quote suggests, they might help you but with an ulterior motive. And so you lose your personal power. You give it away to someone else by not having your own direction, by not keeping your own hands on the wheel. And it may not feel that horrible really. It might feel safe. But on the other hand, if you start setting goals and get a direction in life you tend to perk up and feel more empowered. That vague, underlying uneasiness that seemed to float through your life start to vanish. You feel more alert. And you can start to work much more on what you really want out of life, instead of what someone else may tell you that you should do or want.

People often grudge others what they cannot enjoy themselves.
- Aesop -

Of course, criticism that may be valid should be taken seriously. But negativity directed towards you is pretty seldom about you. It’s more about someone else having a bad day, week or year and directing their negative energy at anyone passing by in their life. So much complaining and negativity that people put out into the world is about how they feel about themselves and their lives. The problem is just that we are often so focused on own lives that we take every negative thing said to us personally. But the world doesn’t revolve around me or you. So remember these two quotes when someone’s directing negativity towards you. And more importantly, remember those quotes when you feel the need to lash out towards someone. Ask yourself what the real problem in your life is. And what you can do about it. Instead of just lashing out and feeding more negativity into your and someone else’s life. One thing you can pretty sure of is that the more people try to boost their own value and temporary positive feelings by putting someone else down, the worse they feel about themselves and their lives. And that goes for you and me too of course.

All lay loads on a willing horse.
- Aesop -

A willing horse is a term which is used to describe people who are sincere and committed workers and are ready to do all the work given to them. The term originated from earlier days when people used horses as their beasts of burden to carry loads. The horses were loaded indiscriminately and still they would carry the load without disobeying their master. This proverb is similar to the proverb that the lead cow always gets the whipping. The lead cow is the first cow which is connected to the plough and the rest of the cows follow the lead cow. Whenever the plough does not move properly as the farmer desired the lead cow gets whipped. In any project the leaders have to work hard to ensure success as they are responsible and directly answerable to the boss. Similarly there are people who would like to exploit sincere, hardworking and duty conscious people by giving them more work. The nature to work doesn’t mean that these people are meek or dumb. But instead it indicates the sincerity of the people. The exploitation of the labour class by their masters is also good example of this saying.

Light tomorrow with today!

Today is your opportunity to make your tomorrow better. If you think of it from the point that your today is the result of your yesterdays, it's clear that what you are doing today is either moving your forward or moving you backward. Do those things today that will light your way forward tomorrow or, more broadly, in the future.

Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.
- Aesop -

It is simply because gratitude opens more doors to relationships, and so just saying thank you and really meaning it at least four times a day will strengthen our relationships and add meaning to any interactions. We feel less resentment and anger which effectively enhances happiness and reduces depression. People who appreciate and spread gratitude have more empathy and reduced aggression because they are more contented and therefore less likely to seek revenge.