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Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners.

It's a beautiful thought and yes one should definitely apply it in life. Respect everybody for the sake of humanity. Nobody is superior or inferior, we all are equal. It doesn’t matter to which community or ethnicity a person belongs. It reflects your values and the kindness in you. It strengthens your character. And people respect you for that.

We're a nation of latchkey children. Manners start at home, and no one is at home teaching manners so that children have respect for others.

Helping young children learn appropriate, polite, and considerate behavior enables them to form good manners and become more socially attentive as they get older. It’s easier to nurture first-class child behavior if you work as a family to set the rules for good manners in many different situations. Parents should be extra respectful to others while their children are with them so they can see and learn.