3+ Best Self Quotes in English

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Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.

People search for happiness. Happiness is not something ready-made. The only person in the world who can make you happy is you. You can’t rely on other people to make you happy. You have to create your own happiness and your actions are going to describe your happiness.

Self-interest is the enemy of all true affection.

Self-interest forms the base of every relationship, be it friendship, marriage, or trade. Love and friendship are regarded as two types of relationships where no one seeks to gain any benefit from each another but seemingly many humans enter into a relationship for that purpose.

A self that goes on changing is a self that goes on living.

Changing your life begins by being very objective and evaluating yourself in detail. This requires a lot of self-awareness. During this process, you will have to face some harsh truths about yourself and accept everything (good & bad) about yourself. This is the key to personal growth.