Travelling with your dog

Travelling with your dog

Just as some people are travelsick when travelling unfortunately your dog can also suffer from this problem too, if you travel a lot or have bought the dog for show then this can become a huge problem.

While some dogs aren’t actually sick then can get stressed and hate travelling to such a degree that it leaves them whimpering and shaking from the minute you put them into the car.

Does your dog have any underlying problems?

This is the first thing you should ask yourself and consider before anything else, your dog could have an underlying medical problem which causes them to behave this way.

Stress and anxiety can be caused by a number of other conditions such as imbalances in the chemicals, food allergies and hormone imbalances. You should always consult your vet if your dog is having problems while travelling to rule out any medical condition.

What you can do to help your dog?

If you have ruled out any underlying medical conditions as the reason for your dog’s travel sickness then the problem could be related to stress and fear or just be sensitive to the movement of the car.

Dogs just as humans can be affected by motion sickness due to inner ear problems, other problems could be caused by different water and you should always take a supply of water with you for your dog to drink to avoid this.

Also if you are going on a long journey then you should stop every two hours and give your dog a chance to have a drink and get some exercise and go to the bathroom.

Just as some people travel badly if they are facing backwards in the vehicle then the same applies to your dog so try and make sure they are facing forward when travelling, leaving the window down slightly to let fresh air into the car could also help.

If your dog reacts to travel very badly but it can’t be avoided then your vet may suggest that you withhold food on the morning of travel or that you try medication to relieve the symptoms.

A holistic approach to preventing travel sickness is the use of ginger root; ginger extract or capsules can be bought from the health food store and some supermarkets and is a completely natural approach.

You should always adjust dosages accordingly even though it is a natural remedy and if you are unsure then take advice from your vet or herbalist.

Is the dog comfortable in the crate?

Some owners use a crate for the dog and you should ask yourself if your dog is comfortable in the crate, this could lead to nervousness and anxiety and therefore leading to sickness in your dog.

Another option now available instead of the crate is a dog seatbelt and harness and these are recommended for larger dogs over 25 pounds in weight.


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