Try these travel apps- have anexciting trip

Try these travel apps- have anexciting trip

Just imagine an app does all the things, which are needed for the safe and comfortable journey and it takes care of the accommodation too. Then everybody prefers to go for such apps. They also provide offline maps, sightseeing tips, best local food and much more related to the place of destination.

Travel apps also help a person to stay organized during the planning and also the traveling phases. Here is the list of the best travel apps that will help a person throughout their journey.


Expedia is popularly known as the, travel search, booking website and information; but this app has some unique features. Using the Expedia is app or Expedia Android app;people can view the reviews of the people, who have benefited through this app already. People can provide their feedback, with the help of the favorable, recent and critical options available on the app. Even, this app has the feasible options for the people, who book at the last minute.

Google flights

Go for a second opinion, though the best apps are available, the second opinion will help a person to get a clear mind set about the travel. So, the second opinion in all the aspects of life may help a person to take proper decisions.

Google Flights is available for free. People can search for the flights with the help of this app. This app will provide the list of all the flight search sites, before entering their credit card number. People can search for the round trip, multi-city and one-way flights. In order to make the purchase, the users have to link to other related sites. It is better to check the actual cost of the flight and compare the prices with the other days of the week. The Kayak, which is the choice of Google Flights for booking and searching; Kayak does the same process of filtering; that is, comparing the prices of flights in a week. There is no harm in seeking for the second opinion with free of cost.

Chipmunk Flight and Hotel Search

Chipmunk may look like a normal flight and hotel search app. But one awesome thing it does is, it includes non-traditional also; that is, it also lists the listings from Airbnb and HomeAway; these two lodging services connect the customers with people who rent apartments, rooms and homes.

The travelers, who plan their travel, according to their budget prefer this Chipmunk travel app. This app mayn’t help people in booking flights and rooms. This is the one major thing that people can’t do with this app.


Kayak is one of the travel search websites. People can search for their travel through It has become the favorite of many soon after launching. During its initial stages, Kayak handled only the searches; but, later it started to provide the booking services also. With the help of this app, people can pre-pay for flights, accommodation and car rentals. Usually, Kayak sends a partner site to the user for completing the booking.

Kayak also has the additional services like, Orbitz and Priceline, it is a step taken to provide the best deals for the users.

It is available on Android, is, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire and web.

Orbitz Flights, Hotels, Cars

This app allows the user to check and book for the Flight, Hotel and car. And it also provides price guarantee for users, if another user has booked the same hotels and car that the user has booked. The long-term users have great trust in the company. This company has the great reputation. Most of the iPhone users will not miss such an app for booking their travel at low cost. This app also helps with the last-minute bookings. It will really be a great treat for the is, Android, web and Kindle Fire users.


This iPhone app provides such wonderful search experience for finding cheap flights. With this app people can find the flights on the certain dates from their nearest airport to the any place all around the world based on, where the flight prices are inexpensive during that particular period.

Skyscanners had built a partnership with the site called for the perfect sale.

The full name of the app is CityGuides, Offline Maps, it was shortly called as This will let the people explore new travel destinations and allow them to discuss about the popular and safe routes. Users may tell the company, what they want to see, what food they would like to watch and every little thing they expect from the travel. It even provides the offline option. People can plan their vacation with this app. They can even plan their itineraries also. People can access to the maps in the offline mode. It overall helps the users to plan their vacation, the best.

TripAdvisor Offline City Guides

This app can verify the destination and suggests the users where to visit, shop and eat. Users can also download offline maps of the place of a visit, so that they will get an idea about that place and people living in that place.

So download whatever essential for the travel, before leaving the place with the data or Wifi coverage.


Tripomatic is the interesting travel app, it will help a person to plan for their trip perfectly and it even helps in suggesting the places, food and everything, which can make the travel the best experience. Tripomatic has 40,000 places from 300 places. This app takes help from; so that, people can get suggestions about the itineraries; with this, users can get a clear picture about their traveling route. People can access maps, photos and visitors in the offline mode.

Thing not found: users can’t save their mapped itineraries in the offline mode. People who use Tripomatic should pair it with some other offline map app.


People who want to enjoy site seeing with low cost, Viator can fulfil their wish. Viator lists the deals and discounts for the nearby places or for the places where the user wants to visit; but that place should be in the list of Viator’s potential cities, regions and countries.

It is just a collection of ideas of what to see and where to go; especially in the clueless situations. The quantity and quality of the deals and price changes from place to place.

Packing Pro

This app is a superhero for all the list makers. This app helps the users by suggesting, what to pack during their travel. And it can serve as an evidence for the things packed by the user and it can help in the situations, if the user’s luggage were lost. It also has a list of other reminders too. It includes, booking tickets, watering the plants in the garden before the user leaves home. All these things can be added into the check-list, which helps the person in the last-minute rush.

Now-a-days, travel is made simple with these apps. So, try these apps and create unforgettable memories.

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Anand Rajendran is the CEO and co-founder of Rutapp Infosystems, a leading Andriod and iOS app development company in Chennai. He is an expert in mobile apps field who has written various articles. Rutapp is a software platform developed by his company allowing business owners to create an app with AirBnb, Uber, Rutapp Scripts and other cloning scripts.

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