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The current flag of Arkansas, also known as the Arkansas flag, consists of a red field charged with a large blue-bordered white lozenge (or diamond).

The Seal of Arkansas State

The Arkansas State Seal was adopted in 1864 and modified to its present form on May 23, 1907. The outer ring of the seal contains the text "Great Seal

State Animal of Arkansas

White-Tailed Deer is a National State Animal of Arkansas. In March 1993, the Seventy-ninth General Assembly of Arkansas ap

Largest And Smallest Cities of Arkansas

Little Rock is the Largest City of Arkansas and the state capital. Little Rock is located on the south bank of Arkansas Ri

State Grain of Arkansas

Rice Is The Official State Grain of Arkansas. State Grain Rice was designated as the official grain of the State of Arkans

State Beverage Of Arkansas

Milk Is The Official State Beverage Of Arkansas. In 1985, the Arkansas General Assembly Designated milk as their State off

State Capital Of Arkansas

Little Rock Is The State Capital Of Arkansas. It Is Also The Most Populous City Of U.S. State of Arkansas. As the county s

State Butterfly of Arkansas

The "Diana Fritillary Butterfly" Is The State Butterfly of Arkansas. The State Designated the official butterfly On Februa

State Song of Arkansas

"Oh, Arkansas" by Terry Rose and Gary Klaff is the official State Song of Arkansas. Arkansas designated "Oh, Arkansas"  a

State Fish Of Arkansas

The Fish "Alligator Gar" Consider As The State Fish Of Arkansas. The Scientific Name Of Alligator Gar Is "Atractosteus Spa

State Tree Of Arkansas

Loblolly Pine Is The State Tree Of Arkansas. State Arkansas designated the Loblolly Pine tree as the official state tree i

State Flower Of Arkansas

The Flower Apple Blossom Is The Official State Flower Of Arkansas. The Apple Blossom was adopted as the Arkansas

State Bird Of Arkansas

The Mockingbird (Mimus Polyglottos) Is The State Bird Of Arkansas. It Was Designated by The General Assembly of Arkansas a