Biggest Cities in Maine

Biggest Cities in Maine

Portland Is the Largest City Of Maine With a population of 66,194 people. Portland covers a total area of around 69 square miles and is home to an estimated population of 67,000 people. In fact, more than one-third of the state’s population inhabit the Greater Portland metropolitan area. Portland is located in Cumberland County and is Maine’s most important economic center.

Tourism and services form the backbone of the city’s economy, and it’s marine industry, which includes commercial shipping and fishing, is also important to the state’s economy. The Port of Portland is New England’s biggest tonnage seaport. This city was founded back in 1632 by English settlers, who chose to name it after an island called Portland in the area of Dorset, England. Portland, Oregon was named after Portland, Maine.


Biggest Cities in Maine

1. Lewiston

Lewiston is the second biggest city in the state of Maine. This city is located in Androscoggin County in the southwest part of the state.  The city is located in Androscoggin County, south of the state capital (Augusta). Lewiston is considered to be one of the safest cities in the region and its cost of living is relatively low. Lewiston is also home to the country’s largest French-speaking population.

2. Bangor

Bangor is the third biggest city in Maine, with a population of around 33,039 individuals. It is the county seat of Penobscot County and is located on the Penobscot River. Services and retail, healthcare, education, and finance are the major sectors of employment in the city. Modern Bangor was founded in the mid-19th century during the development of shipbuilding and lumber industries in the region.

3. Auburn

Auburn is the fourth biggest city in Maine, with a population of 25,055 people. The city is located directly across the Androscoggin River from Lewiston. Therefore, both cities are locally referred to as either the Twin Cities or Lewiston-Auburn. Auburn has an interesting history associated with shoe manufacturer, with the Lewiston-Auburn Shoe Strike of 1937 being one of the most important labor disputes to ever occur in all of Maine when thousands of shoe-making workers went out on strike.

4. South Portland

With a population of 24,002, South Portland is the fifth most populous city in Maine. The city is located in Cumberland County, is situated in Portland Harbor, and overlooks the skyline of Portland. South Portland is a regional center of retail and industry and is home to the Maine Mall, which is the state’s largest and busiest shopping mall.