Biggest Cities in Maryland

Biggest Cities in Maryland

Baltimore is the Largest City Of Maryland With over 612,000 Inhabitants. It is situated 40 miles northeast of Washington, D.C. It was found in 1729 as a seaport. The economy in the city is made vibrant by the over 2.8 million people who live in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Although the population growth rate is decreasing, the city is still the largest in Maryland.

The negative population growth was brought by deindustrialization which saw the closure of major industries. The Largest City Of Maryland Baltimore exhibits historic architecture spanning more than 2 centuries with some rare neoclassical designs. The oldest section of Baltimore features an old English village with cobblestone streets. If visiting Baltimore, don’t forget the aquarium and American Visionary Art Museum.


Biggest Cities in Maryland:


  1. Columbia

Columbia is the second biggest city in Maryland with a population of 99,615. It’s conveniently located between Washington, DC, and Baltimore. Columbia has a strong arts focus, with many theaters and concerts taking place each year. Columbia also hosts some of the state’s most popular annual events, including Wine in the Woods and the Columbia Festival of the Arts. The town is a well-planned with open spaces, pathways, and modern amenities making it one of the best places to live and work in America.

  1. Germantown

Germantown is third in the list of the biggest cities in Maryland with a population of 86,395. The city covers about six square miles along Interstate 270. It’s located about 26 miles north of Washington, DC. The city’s area was planned to preserve the farmland and forests. Germantown has in recent decades experienced high economic growth leading to a rapid increase in population. The city is under the administration of Montgomery County.

  1. Silver Spring

Silver Spring has a population of 71,452 people, making it the fourth biggest city in the state. The city was named after mica-flecked spring that was discovered by explorer Francis Preston in the 1840s. The city is part of Montgomery County. You’ll find a variety of entertainment options in Silver Spring, including concerts and music venues, golf courses, restaurants, theaters, and movies.

  1. Waldorf

Waldorf is found in Charles County 23 miles south-southeast of Washington D.C. Being in the fifth position, it has a population of 67,752 as per the 2010 census. The city was a minor center known as Beantown established before it was established as a railway center in 1900. The city is a bedroom community hosting those who work in Washington D.C.