Cities in Connecticut

Cities in Connecticut

Bridgeport Is The Largest City Of Connecticut. A historic seaport city, Bridgeport is the largest City in Connecticut. It is located in Fairfield County where the Pequonnock River drains into the Long Island Sound. The population of the city is around 144,229 individuals. The largest City Of Connecticut is the New England region’s 5th most populous city. Previously a thriving industrial center, Bridgeport’s economy is currently primarily service-based. Two hospitals present in Bridgeport, the St. Vincent’s Medical Center and the Bridgeport Hospital, are the largest employers in the city. Bridgeport was incorporated as a town in 1821 and as a city in 1836. This seaport city is famous for several reasons, being home to the famous showman, P.T. Barnum.


5 Biggest Cities in Connecticut:


1. New Haven: 129,779

Located in New Haven County, New Haven is the second largest city in Connecticut. It is a coastal city on the shore of the Long Island Sound and covers an area of 20.1 square miles. The estimated population of New Haven is 129,000, with over 862,000 people in the city’s full metropolitan area. New Haven is often regarded as the Cultural Capital of Connecticut since its houses many museums, music and theater venues, etc.

2. Hartford: 124,775

The state capital is the largest inland city in Connecticut. It is home to numerous large insurance companies, including Aetna, The Hartford, UnitedHealthcare, and Travelers. Hartford was incorporated in 1784 and is one of the oldest cities in America, being home to the oldest park, newspaper, high school, and art museum in the city.

3. Stamford: 122,643

The fourth largest city in Connecticut, Stamford, hosts a population of around 122,643 people. It is located in the Fairfield County of the state. The city has a thriving economy. It has the second largest financial district in the New York metropolitan region after New York City itself.

4. Waterbury: 110,366

Located on the Naugatuck River in New Haven County, Waterbury is the fifth biggest city in Connecticut. It is located in the western central part of the state and covers an area of 29 square miles. The estimated population of Waterbury is 108,000.

5. Norwalk: 85,603

Norwalk was a key port in Connecticut’s oyster farming industry through the early 20th century. The Norwalk Oyster Festival held each September. The event draws about 60,000 people and raises money for the preservation of Norwalk Harbor and Long Island Sound.


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