Flag of Kansas state | Kansas Flag Facts | US State Flags

Flag of Kansas state | Kansas Flag Facts | US State Flags

The Official Name of Kansas Flag is “Flag of the Governor of Kansas“. The flag was adopted on September 24, 1927. The flag of Kansas was designed in 1925 by Hazel Avery.

The elements of the state flag embody the state seal and a Helianthus. This original style was changed in 1961 to feature the name of the state at very cheap of the flag. It represented by a dark-blue silk rectangle representing Kansas arranged horizontally with the state seal aligned in the center.

Above the seal could be a helianthus that sits over a bar of gold and lightweight blue. Below the seal is written the name of the state “KANSAS”.


In Which Year the National flag is adopted?

Ans: It Was Adopted in 1927.

In Which Date the National flag is adopted?

Ans: September 24.

What are the colors of the flag?

Ans: Blue, white, and red.

Who is the designer of the Flag?

Ans: Hazel Avery


History of The Flag

The state flag of Kansas dates back to 1925 when the design was approved for use as a state banner. The banner was originally designed to be displayed on a horizontal bar, but that led to many complaints. The state government authorized the flag for use on a normal flagpole in 1927.

The state flag, 1927-1961

The first of the flags were displayed at Fort Riley by the governor of Kansas, and it remained in use among both the citizens of Kansas and the state’s National Guard from that point on. The design would not be changed until 1961 when the state’s name was added to the bottom of the design in order to create the modern state of Kansas flag.

The fight to secure a State Flag of Kansas goes back to 1915 when then Governor Arthur Capper wrote to various other states inquiring about their Kansas State Flag if they had one, and how they went about deciding on a design.

The Michigan Historical Commission had suggested the state seal on a blue background. From 1925 to 1927, Kansas used a state banner instead of a Flag of Kansas. The state legislature adopted a State Flag of Kansas that saw the addition of the word “Kansas” at the bottom in 1961 but has otherwise retained its original design.


Facts About Kansas

Area of Kansas: 82,277 sq. miles

Capital: Topeka

Major Products: wheat, maize, sorghum, livestock, coal, oil, gas, processed food, gasoline, aircraft

State Motto: Ad Astra per Aspera (“To the stars through difficulties”)