Flag of Louisiana state | Louisiana Flag Facts | US State Flags

Flag of Louisiana state | Louisiana Flag Facts | US State Flags

The flag of Louisiana was Adopted in 1912 (the current version of the design on November 22, 2010). The design consists of the pelecaniform seabird cluster from the state seal, in white and gold, and a white ribbon bearing the state motto, “Union, Justice, and Confidence”, on a field of a solid blue.

The state flag of American state displays a pelican nurturing its young by tearing at its own breast (signified by 3 drops of blood), with a white banner below containing the state saying in blue letters (Union, Justice, and Confidence); all on a field of blue. The pelecaniform seabird has been an emblem of American state since colonial times.


In Which Year the National flag is adopted?

Ans: It Was Adopted in 1912.

In Which Date the National flag is adopted?

Ans: It Was Adopted on November 22.

What are the colors of the flag?

Ans: Blue


History of The Flag

In 1812, Louisiana achieved statehood, and the pelican made its first appearance on the state seal.  No other information regarding the original seal is available. The Pelican made a re-appearance on the state flag in 1861, when the state seceded from the Union. In 1864 Louisiana had rival governors, with the Federal governor using the word “Union” in his seal, and the Confederate one employing the word “Justice”, both words being taken from the state motto. By 1902, a new state seal was created and in place of a natural pelican, it was decided to use a heraldic one.

Flag used from 1912 to 2006
Interim flag used from 2006 to 2010


Originating from an 1800’s design, today’s State Flag of Louisiana displays a solid blue background with an Eastern Brown Pelican mother, in white and gold. She is shielding three chicks in their nest and tears at her flesh to feed them.

In April 2006, the Louisiana State Legislature passed a law which specifies three drops of blood to be depicted on the pelican used in both the Louisiana State Flag and seal. In November 2010, the current Flag of Louisiana design was revealed at a state swearing-in ceremony.

Facts About Louisiana

Area of Louisiana: 52,453 sq. miles

Capital: Baton Rouge

Major Products: oil, gas, sulfur, salt, wood products, corn, livestock, sugar-cane, rice

State Motto: Union, justice, and confidence