Flag of Michigan state | Michigan Flag Facts | US State Flags

Flag of Michigan state | Michigan Flag Facts | US State Flags

The flag of the state of Michigan depicts the state’s coat of arms on a dark blue field, as set forth by Michigan state law. The Flag Was Adopted on June 26, 1911. The state coat of arms depicts a light blue shield.

The design features three Latin mottos. From top-to-bottom, they are: On red ribbon: “E Pluribus Unum,” means “Out of many, one,” a motto of the United States. On light blue shield: “Tuebor,” means “I will defend”.

On white ribbon: “Si Quæris Peninsulam Amœnam Circumspice,” means “If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.” (The official state motto). The bald eagle represents the United States which formed the state of Michigan from the Northwest Territory.


In Which Year the National flag is adopted?

Ans: It Was Adopted in 1911.

In Which Date the National flag is adopted?

Ans: It Was Adopted on June 26.

What are the colors of the flag?

Ans: White And Blue

How Old is The Michigan Flag?

Ans: Almost 210 Years Old


History of The Flag

The present flag, adopted in 1911, is the third state flag. The first flag featured a portrait of Michigan’s first governor, Stevens T. Mason, on one side and the state coat of arms and “a soldier and a lady” on the other side.

The first flag is completely lost, and no images of it exist, as far as anyone knows. The second flag, adopted in 1865, displayed the state coat of arms on one side and the United States coat of arms on the other.

The first Flag of Michigan featured a picture of the first governor of Michigan. On the opposite side, the State Flag of Michigan featured an image of a soldier and a woman along with the state coat of arms.

The Michigan State Flag has since been lost and there are no images showing what this flag looked like. The second Flag of Michigan was adopted in 1865.

This version featured the coat of arms of Michigan on one side and the nation’s coat of arms on the opposite side. The current State Flag of Michigan was adopted in 1911. This Michigan State Flag has remained unchanged since its adoption.


Facts About Michigan

Area of Michigan: 58,527 sq. miles

Capital: Lansing

Major Products: transport equipment, machinery, cement, chemicals, furniture, paper, maize, oats, livestock, tourism

State Motto: Tuebor (“I will defend”)


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