Flag of Montana state | Montana Flag Facts | US State Flags

Flag of Montana state | Montana Flag Facts | US State Flags

The flag of the state of Montana consists of the image of the Montanan state seal centered on a blue field. The current flag was adopted in 1905, and the word “Montana” above the seal was added in 1981.

In 1985, the flag was again modified to specify the font used in “Montana:” Helvetica Bold. Within the seal, a plow, shovel, and pick rest in a field in front of the Great Falls of the Missouri River. The ribbon contains the state motto, Oro y Plata (Spanish for “Gold and silver”).


In Which Year the National flag is adopted?

Ans: It Was Adopted in 1905

In Which Date the National flag is adopted?

Ans: It Was Adopted on July 1

What are the colors of the flag?

Ans: Blue


History of The Flag

Montana state flags began as military banners during the Spanish-American war. The earliest such flag was carried by the First Montana Infantry in 1898.

The regiment was originally meant to be represented by a national flag, but the unit’s commanding officer thought that his men should have a unique banner of their own. He commissioned a banner on his own initiative, and that banner featured the Montana state seal on a blue field.

It also displayed the regiment’s name where the state’s name can be found on modern Montana state flags. The First Montana Infantry carried that flag into battle for the duration of the war.

The state flag, 1905-1981

The Montana State Flag is easily identifiable by the large gold letters spelling out “Montana” centered at the top. The history of the Montana State Flag begins with Colonel Kessler, who headed the First Montana Infantry, a group of volunteers mustered in for the war against Spain.

The idea of an official State Flag Montana appealed to many. The Ninth Legislative Assembly reflected that support in 1905 and proclaimed Colonel Kessler’s official Flag of Montana, omitting only the words “1st Montana Infantry, U.S.V. “which appeared above the seal.

Montana State Flag makers had difficulty reproducing the handmade, weather-worn patterns and colors, but from this beginning, the state seal acquired color and Montana obtained a flag.

Facts About Montana

Area of Montana: 147,138 sq. miles

Capital: Helena

Major Products: Oil, copper and other minerals, wheat, tourism

State Motto: Oro y plata (“Gold and silver”)