Flag of New Jersey state | New Jersey Flag Facts | US State Flags

Flag of New Jersey state | New Jersey Flag Facts | US State Flags

The State flag of latest Jersey is buff colored. The state coat of arms is emblazoned within the center. The defend has 3 plows with a horse’s head higher than it. Two girls represent the goddesses of Liberty and Agriculture.

A ribbon at rock bottom includes the year of independence in 1776 and reads Liberty and Prosperity. The New Jersey state flag was formally adopted in 1896. Three plows on the defense honor the state’s agricultural tradition.

The helmet higher than the defendant faces forward, Associate in Nursing perspective denoting sovereignty (fitting for one in every one of the primary governments created underneath the notion that the state itself is that the sovereign). The crest higher than the helmet may be a horse’s head.


In Which Year the National flag is adopted?

Ans: The New Jersey state flag was formally adopted in 1896.

What are the colors of the flag?

Ans: blue and buff were defined by the state.


History of The Flag

New Jersey was one of the 13 original states and disposed of all signs of British royal dominance in 1776. The flag of New Jersey began during the Revolutionary War. Regiments in the revolutionary army carried both national flags and regimental flags that featured their state’s identifying color, which was a buff flag for New Jersey.

The regimental flag served as an unofficial NJ state flag for many years before it received official approval by a state government.

According to the minutes of the New Jersey General Assembly for May 11, 1896, the date on which the Assembly officially approved the State Flag of New Jersey as the state emblem, the buff color is due indirectly to George Washington.

The state of New Jersey uses its state coat of arms for its official Flag of New Jersey. There are many elements that make up the coat of arms. State Flag of New Jersey features a helmet, which represents how the state governs itself.

The shield on the coat of arms features plows, which is a nod to the state’s tradition of agriculture and the state nickname, “The Garden State.” There are two goddesses found on the coat of arms, which symbolize the motto of “Liberty and Prosperity.”

Facts About New Jersey

Area of New Jersey: 7,787 sq. miles

Capital: Trenton

Major Products: chemicals, electronic and electrical equipment, machinery, tomatoes, corn, fruit

State Motto: Liberty and prosperity