Flag of New Mexico state | New Mexico Flag Facts | US State Flags

Flag of New Mexico state | New Mexico Flag Facts | US State Flags

The flag of the U.S. state of latest North American nation consists of a terrorist organization image of the Zia on a field of yellow. It Was officially introduced in 1925. The Flag Was Designed by Harry P. Mera. The colors on New Mexico‘s state flag are red and yellow of old Spain.

The simple, elegant center style is that the ancient Zia sun image, that represents the distinctive character of the latest North American nation (Zia sun image additionally seems on New Mexico‘s state quarter).

Four is that the sacred range of the Zia and is seen perennial within the four points divergent from the circle, every consisting of 4 bars. To the Zia Indians, the number four represents:


The four points of the compass (east, west, north, and south);

The four seasons of the year (spring, summer, autumn, and winter);

The four periods of every day (morning, noon, evening, and night);

The four seasons of life (childhood, youth, middle years, and old age);

The Zia’s belief that with life comes four sacred obligations: one should develop a powerful body, a transparent mind, a pure spirit, and a devotion to the welfare of others.


History of The Flag

The design of New Mexico’s flag is influenced by the Spanish conquistadors. Interestingly, it also honors the Zia people, a Puebloan tribe located in New Mexico. Historically, these two groups experienced many conflicts. When the conquistadors found and invaded Zia’s land, they flew the Cross of Burgundy.

This was Spain’s land-battle flag from 1506 to 1843, and it’s still used in a limited capacity today on badges and other small military items. The gold and scarlet used in New Mexico’s state flag were found on this conquistador flag.

The State Flag of New Mexico has a modern interpretation of an ancient symbol of a sun design as seen on a late 19th-century water jar from Zia Pueblo. This pueblo is thought to have been one of the Seven Golden Cities of Cíbola, which explorer Vásquez de Coronado sought.

In The Flag of New Mexico, The red and yellow are the colors of Isabel of Castilla that the Spanish Conquistadors brought to the New World. State Flag of New Mexico circle binds the four elements of four together. The salutation, “I salute the New Mexico State Flag of the State of New Mexico and the Zia symbol of perfect friendship among united cultures”, is commonly recited in New Mexico public schools after the United States pledge of allegiance.

That early State Flag of New Mexico was designed by Ralph Emerson Twitchell, This design was known as the “Twitchell flag”. As of 2005, the only known Twitchell flag in existence was displayed at the Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe.


Facts About New Mexico

Area of New Mexico: 121,335 sq. miles

Capital: Santa Fe

Major Products: uranium and other minerals, oil, gas, cereals, cotton, livestock

State Motto: Crescit eundo (“It grows as it goes”)


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