Flag of West Virginia state | West Virginia Flag Facts | US State Flags

Flag of West Virginia state | West Virginia Flag Facts | US State Flags

The flag of West Virginia is the official flag of the U.S. state of West Virginia and was officially adopted by the West Virginia Legislature on March 7, 1962. The background of the flag is white, a color that was chosen to symbolize purity.

The flag has a blue border, which represents the Union. The coat of arms features multiple colors, including gold, blue, green and yellow. The banner above the shield in the coat of arms is red in color, with the text “State of West Virginia written in black.

A pure white field bordered on four sides by a stripe of blue with the coat of arms of West Virginia in the center, wreathed by Rhododendron maximum and topped by an unfurled red ribbon reading “State of West Virginia.”


In Which Year the National flag is adopted?

Ans: It Was Adopted in 1962

In Which Year the National flag is adopted?

Ans: March 7

What are the colors of the flag?

Ans: White


History of The Flag

West Virginia became a state on June 20, 1863, and their flag was adopted on March 7, 1929. Explorers traveled through the area in the 1660s, and settlers began to move there in the 1730s.

West Virginia petitioned the Continental Congress for a separate government in 1776, and it finally separated from Virginia in 1863.

The Flag of West Virginia design ratified in 1907 remained the state’s official flag until 1929. The state of West Virginia sought a flag design that could be produced inexpensively so that the State Flag of West Virginia could be mass-produced for the state’s public schools.

The 1907 West Virginia State Flag proved to be more costly to reproduce due to the two different symbols on each side of the banner, the state’s coat of arms on the obverse and the state’s flower on the reverse.

The West Virginia Legislature decided the State Flag of West Virginia should be stamped with a design that would integrate both the coat of arms and the state flower on both sides.

Facts About West Virginia

Became a State: June 20, 1863

Capital: Charleston

Current Flag Adopted: 1929

State Motto: Montani Semper Liberi (“Mountaineers are always free”)