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The National flag of Florida consists of a red saltire on a white background and with the state seal superimposed on the center. The design was approved by popular refe

The Seal of Florida State

In 1985, Secretary of State George Firestone presented the revised The Great Seal of Florida State to the Governor and the Cabinet. The previous

State Animal of Florida

Florida Panther Is The National State Animal of Florida. It Was Adopted On 1982. Th

State Bird Of Florida

Florida Accepted "Northern Mockingbird" As The State Bird Of Florida. On April 23, 1927, The Mockingbird Was adopted as th

State Capital Of Florida

"Tallahassee" Is The Official State Capital Of Florida. "Tallahassee" is the county seat and only incorporated municipalit

State Song Of Florida

"The Swanee River" (Old Folks at Home) Is The State Song Of Florida. The Song Was Written by Stephen Foster in 1851. Since

State Flower Of Florida

Florida Design "Orange Blossom" Is The State Flower Of Florida. Florida designated Orange Blossom is the State Flower in 1

State Tree Of Florida

Sabal Palm Tree Is The State Tree Of Florida. Florida Accepted the Sabal Palm Tree as the official state tree in 1953. Sab

State Fruit Of Florida

Orange Is The State Fruit Of Florida. Florida designated the orange as the official state fruit in 2005 due to the efforts

State Fish Of Florida

The Florida Largemouth Bass Is The State Fish Of Florida. The Florida largemouth bass (Micropterus Salmoides Floridamus) w

Cities In Florida

Jacksonville is The Largest City Of Florida With a Population of about 853,382 People. Jacksonville is the most populous c

State Butterfly Of Florida

Zebra Longwing Butterfly Is The State Butterfly Of Florida. Florida designated the zebra longwing butterfly as the officia

State Beverage Of Florida

Orange Juice Is The State Beverage Of Florida. Florida designated orange juice as the official state beverage in 1967. Whe