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The flag of Indiana was officially adopted by the state of Indiana on May 11, 1917. It Was designed by Paul Hadley and It was the state's first officia

The Seal of Indiana State

The Seal of The State of Indiana is used by the Governor of Indiana to certify official documents. The Seal of Indiana has gone throu

State Animal of Indiana

Northern Cardinal is the National State Animal of Indiana. It was officially delegated as the state animal or bird in 1933

State Flower Of Indiana

The Peony (Paeonia) Is The State Flower Of Indiana. The Peony (Paeonia) was adopted as the state flower by the 1957 Genera

State Bird Of Indiana

Northern Cardinal Is The Official State Bird Of Indiana. The Northern Cardinal (Richmondena cardinalis cardinalis) was ado

State Capital Of Indiana

Indianapolis Often Shortened to Indy is the State Capital Of Indiana and the largest City of Indiana. Almost 200 years, Th

State River of Indiana

"Wabash River" Is The State River of Indiana. Indiana State Accepted the Wabash River as the official state river in 1996.

State Song Of Indiana

"On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away" Is The Official State Song Of Indiana.  The Song Was Written and composed by Ameri

State Tree Of Indiana

Tulip Poplar Is The Official State Tree Of Indiana State. The Tulip Poplar (Liriodendron Tulipifera) was designated the of

State Motto of Indiana


Adoption of the Indiana State Motto:

"Crossroads of America" Is The State Motto of Indiana. India

State Aircraft of Indiana

P-47 Thunderbolt Is The Official State Aircraft of Indiana. Indiana Adopted the Republic Aviation P-47 Thunderbolt as the

Largest Cities in Indiana

Indianapolis is the Largest City Of Indiana and is also the state capital. Situated in Marion County in the center of the