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The Official Name of Kansas Flag is "Flag of the Governor of Kansas". The flag was adopted on September 24, 1927. The flag of Kansas was designed in 1925 by Haz

The Seal of Kansas State

When Kansas achieved statehood in 1861, a great Seal of Kansas was devised that incorporated the motto “Ad Astra Per Aspera” (To the Stars Through

State Animal of Kansas

The "American buffalo" is the National State Animal of Kansas. It Was Officially Adopted As a National Animal on March 28,

State Capital Of Kansas

Topeka is the Official State Capital Of Kansas. Topeka is situated along the Kansas River in the central part of Shawnee C

State Bird Of Kansas

Western Meadowlark Is The Official State Bird Of Kansas. The western meadowlark Or Sturnella Neglecta was Adopted as the o

State Flower Of Kansas

Wild Native Sunflower Is The Official State Flower Of Kansas. Kansas Adopted the wild native sunflower as the official sta

State Song Of Kansas

"Home on the Range" IS The Official State Song Of Kansas. Kansas officially adopted "Home on the Range" by Dr. Brewster Hi

State Reptile of Kansas

Ornate Box Turtle Is The Official State Reptile of Kansas. In 1986, Kansas Adopted the ornate box turtle (Terrapene ornata

State Motto of Kansas

The official State Motto of Kansas is the Latin phrase; Ad Astra Per Aspera (meaning "To the Stars Through Difficulty"). T

State Tree Of Kansas

Cottonwood Tree Is The Official State Tree Of Kansas. Kansas Adopted the cottonwood as the official state tree on March 23

State Amphibian of Kansas

Barred Tiger Salamander Is The Official State Amphibian of Kansas. The Barred Tiger Salamander was Adopted during the 1994

Facts About Kansas

Topeka is the capital city of Kansas. Kansas became a state on January 29th, 1861. Kansas State official flag was adopted in 1927. The flag has a blue field, the word K

Biggest Cities in Kansas

With a population of 382,368 individuals, Wichita is the Largest City Of Kansas and serves as the county seat of Sedgwick