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The state flag of Maine was adopted on June 16, 1909. The flag of the state of American state options the state coat of arms on a blue field. In the ce

The Seal of Maine State

The Great Seal of The State of Maine was adopted in June 1820. There have been variations in the details of the seal, but the overall design and images

State Animal of Maine

The Moose is the National State Animal of Maine. It was Officially adopted as the Maine State Animal

State Capital Of Maine

Augusta Is The Official State Capital Of Maine. The City's population was 19,136 at the 2010 census, making it the third-l

State Bird Of Maine

Black-Capped Chickadee Is The Official State Bird Of Maine. The Black-Capped Chickadee was adopted as the state bird by th

State Song Of Maine

"State of Maine Song" Is The Official State Song Of Maine. Maine Adopted "State of Maine Song" by Roger Vinton Snow as the

State Fish of Maine

Landlocked Salmon Is The Official State Fish of Maine. The Landlocked Salmon, (Salmo salar Sebago,) was Adopted As the off

State Flower of Maine

The White Pine Cone and Tassel is the official State Flower of Maine. Maine Adopted the White Pine Cone and Tassel as Its

State Tree Of Maine

"White Pine" Is The Official State Tree Of Maine. Maine Adopted White Pine as the official state tree in 1945. The Eastern

Biggest Cities in Maine

Portland Is the Largest City Of Maine With a population of 66,194 people. Portland covers a total area of around 69 square

State Motto of Maine

"Dirigo" Is The Official State Motto of Maine. "Dirigo" Is a Latin Term Which Means "I Direct" or "I Lead". Maine Entered

State Symbols Of Maine

Official State Soft Drink of Maine