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The flag of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is the flag of Massachusetts. It Was Officially Adopted on June 15, 1788. The Flag is Almost 230 Years Old.

The Seal Of Massachusetts State

Seals, such as those that appear on documents certified by the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, have a long history and were mentioned even in the Bible.

State Animal of Massachusetts

Boston terrier is The National State Animal of Massachusetts. Massachusetts has several state animals. Most famous among t

State Song Of Massachusetts

"All Hail to Massachusetts" Is The Official State Song Of Massachusetts. "All Hail to Massachusetts", with words and music

State Bird Of Massachusetts

Black-Capped Chickadee Is The Official State Bird Of Massachusetts. The black-capped chickadee (Poecile atricapillus) was

State Capital Of Massachusetts

Boston Is The Official State Capital Of Massachusetts. Boston is the seat of Suffolk County and the capital of Massachuset

State Fish of Massachusetts

Cod (Gadus Morrhua) Is The Official State Fish of Massachusetts. Massachusetts Adopted Cod (Gadus Morrhua) As The State Fi

State Flower Of Massachusetts

Mayflower Is The Official State Flower Of Massachusetts. Mayflower was adopted as the state flower in 1918. Other names fo

State Beverage of Massachusetts

Cranberry Juice Is The Official State Beverage of Massachusetts. Cranberry juice was Accepted as the official state bevera

State Sport Of Massachusetts

Basketball Is The Official State Sport Of Massachusetts. Massachusetts State Adopted Basketball as the official State Spor

Largest Cities Of Massachusetts

Boston, the capital city of Massachusetts, is also the Largest City Of Massachusetts as well as the most populous city in

State Tree Of Massachusetts

American Elm Is The Official State Tree Of Massachusetts. The American elm, (Ulmaceae Ulmus americana,) was adopted as the