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The flag of the state of Mississippi was first adopted On April 23, 1894. The Flag Was Adopted By U.S. state of Mississippi in April 1894, replacing th

The Seal Of Mississippi State

The Great Seal of the State of Mississippi was adopted in 2014, replacing the previous version that was used since the 19th century. The committee to d

State Animal of Mississippi

White-Tailed Deer is The National State Animal of Mississippi. It Was Adopted as a National Animal in 1974. White-Tailed D

State Capital Of Mississippi

The State Capital Of Mississippi is Jackson. It owes its name to General Andrew Jackson who was honored for his role in th

State Song Of Mississippi

"Go, Mississippi" Is The Official State Song of Mississippi. Mississippi Adopted "Go, Mississippi" by William Houston Davi

State Motto of Mississippi

"Virtute et armis" Is The Official State Motto of Mississippi. Mississippi State Motto

State Flower of Mississippi

Magnolia Is The Official State Flower of Mississippi. Mississippi Adopted the magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) as the offic

State Tree Of Mississippi

Magnolia Is The Official State Tree Of Mississippi. Mississippi Designated the magnolia as the official state tree in 1952

Biggest Cities in Mississippi

Jackson Is The Largest City Of Mississippi. With a population of 173,514 individuals, Jackson is Mississippi’s biggest city. Located on the Pearl River, it is one of

State Drink Of Mississippi

Milk Is The Official State Drink Of Mississippi. An act to Adopted milk as the state beverage was adopted by the Mississip

State Fish Of Mississippi

Largemouth Bass Is The Official State Fish Of Mississippi. Mississippi Adopted As the largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoid