More Official State Symbol Of Georgia

More Official State Symbol Of Georgia

Official State Butterfly of Georgia


Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly Is The State Butterfly of Georgia. Georgia designated the tiger swallowtail (Papilio glaucus) as the official state butterfly in 1988. Georgia State Butterfly is one of Georgia’s most beautiful species of Lepidoptera. This magnificent butterfly has large yellow wings edged and striped with black. The State Butterfly of Georgia eastern tiger swallowtail, Papilio glaucus, one of the most common and widely distributed swallowtail butterflies in the eastern United States, has a wingspan that can reach 5 inches. The males’ bright yellow wings have four black bands on the front wings, and a long black tail on each hind wing, and are easily identified. The Tiger Swallowtail is on average 4.0-5.0 inches in width, (Klots, 1979, 175) and 3.5-4.5 inches in height.


Official State Amphibian of Georgia

Green Tree Frog Is The State Amphibian of Georgia. The green tree frog (Hyla cinerea) was designated the official state amphibian of Georgia in 2005. Eighty-five Georgia State Amphibian species of amphibians live in Georgia – the only state with a greater diversity of amphibians in North Carolina. Georgia State Amphibian Green tree frogs are a beautiful species of frogs. The males are usually slightly smaller as compared to the females. Moreover, the wrinkled throat (an indication of the vocal pouch) is a feature that is common only among the males. The State Amphibian of Georgia green tree frog is a 2-inch lime-green frog with a white stripe down each side. These medium-sized frogs roughly around 6 centimeters (2.5 inches) lengthwise. The green shade of their body may vary from a startling bright yellow olive to distinct lime green. The Green Treefrog is abundant throughout the Coastal Plain and is also found in the Piedmont of Georgia. Green treefrogs are frequently found in small ponds, large lakes, marshes, and streams. They prefer habitats with plentiful floating vegetation, grasses, and cattails.


Official State Reptile of Georgia

Gopher Tortoise Is The Official State Reptile of Georgia. Georgia designated the endangered gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) as the official state reptile in 1989. The Georgia State Reptile gopher tortoise (Gopherus Polyphemus) is a member of the class Reptilia. State Reptile of Georgia carapace (top of shell) is grayish-brown and unmarked in adults, while its plastron (bottom of shell), legs, head, and neck are golden-yellow. Georgia State Reptile Gopher tortoises dig burrows – typically ranging in size from 20 to 30 feet long and from six to eight feet deep – with their shovel-like front legs. Biologists have found some burrows as big as 40 feet long and 10 feet deep. The gopher tortoise is found along the dry sand ridges of the southeastern Coastal Plain. In Florida, tortoises are found in the panhandle and along the southeastern coast.


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