State Amphibian Of Colorado

State Amphibian Of Colorado

The Western Tiger Salamander Is The State Amphibian Of Colorado. It Was designated the official state amphibian of Colorado in 2012 (Illinois and Kansas also recognize tiger salamander as an official symbol). Governor John Hickenlooper signed House Bill No. 12-1147 on March 16, 2012, Adopting the Western Tiger Salamander as the Official Colorado State Amphibian. Adults Western Tiger Salamander varies in color pattern, but the background color is usually dark, with lighter blotches of yellow, tan, or green.

Adults Colorado State Amphibian are large and heavy-bodied with a body length of 3 to 6 inches. Eggs and larvae: eggs are typically laid in small clusters of 5 to 120, but may be laid singly. Larvae are typically pale green or brown in Color. State Amphibian Of Colorado Tiger Salamanders in Montana are primarily associated with prairie or agricultural habitats. They breed in ponds, lakes, springs, intermittent streams, and stock ponds, usually those without fish present. Adults go to the breeding ponds soon after snowmelt; after breeding, adults may remain in the ponds or move to upland areas and live in burrows.

Eggs hatch in 2 to 5 weeks and metamorphosis takes 2 to 24 months. The barred Colorado State Amphibian tiger salamander is found in western Canada and the western half of the United States, but infrequently in California and Nevada. In Canada, it is known from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Its range in the United States extends to the southernmost tip of Texas, but no further east than the Dakotas and Oklahoma.


Facts About Western Tiger Salamander:

  1. Fish, toads, and other aquatic animals eat up tiger salamander larvae and thus they produce the poisonous mucus to protect themselves.
  2. Before mating male tiger salamanders mimic a female tiger salamander to slink in and drop his germ cells on rival male tiger salamanders.
  3. Some of the smaller species of tiger salamanders do not have lungs and they breathe by the gular pumping.
  4. Tiger salamanders are one of the endangered species nowadays.
  5. Tiger salamanders’ tails do not possess fracture regions.


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