State Animal of Idaho

State Animal of Idaho

Appaloosa horse is a National State Animal of Idaho. The Appaloosa horse was Adopted on March 25, 1975, as Idaho State Animal. On March 25, 1975, Idaho State Governor Cecil Andrus signed a bill naming the Appaloosa as the Idaho state horse. This is a great deserving honor for a horse that has been an important part of Idaho history. State Animal of Idaho Appaloosa has a very long history. Spotted horses have been seen in art as far back as cave drawings twenty thousand years ago.

Idaho State Animal Appaloosa was seen in ancient Persian literature as the horse of a great Persian hero and other great people. The Appaloosa is a horse breed best known for its colorful and amazing leopard-spotted coat pattern. There is a wide range of body types within the breed, stemming from the influence of multiple breeds of horses throughout The Appaloosa history. Every Appaloosa horse’s color pattern is genetically the result of various spotting patterns overlaid on top of one of several recognized base coat colors.

The color pattern of the State Animal of Idaho Appaloosa is of interest to those who study equine coat color genetics, as it and several other physical characteristics are linked to the leopard complex mutation (LP). Idaho State Animal Appaloosas are prone to develop equine recurrent uveitis and congenital stationary night blindness. They were found in China in ancient times as well, dating back to 206 BC, during the period of the Han Dynasty. The People of Spain introduced horses to Mexico in the 1500s. Following the Pueblo Revolt, Appaloosa horses rapidly spread throughout North America, reaching the Northwest around 1700.

Historians believe that The Nez Perce and Palouse tribes of Washington and Idaho were the first tribes to breed horses for specific traits – intelligence, speed, and endurance. White settlers call these horses ‘Palouse horses.’ Over time they came to be referred to as ‘a Palousey’ and the ‘Appalousey.’ During the Nez Perce War of 1877, Appaloosa horses helped the non-treaty Nez Perce, under the guidance of Chief Joseph for several months.

State Animal of Idaho The coloring of the Appaloosa coat is distinct in every individual horse and ranges from white blanketed hips to a full leopard. Idaho State Animal Appaloosa is an intelligent, fast and hard working breed. State Animal of Idaho An easy going disposition and exceptional abilities give this horse a great deal of versatility that no doubt contributes to its rapidly rising popularity.

Once the warhorses of the Nez Perce, today the Appaloosa serves as a racehorse, in parades, ranch work, and youth programs. The coloring of the Appaloosa’s coat is distinct in every individual horse and ranges from white blanketed hips to a full leopard.