State Animal Of Maryland

State Animal Of Maryland

Maryland has No Official State Animal. Maryland selected calico as the official state cat in 2001. State Animal Maryland Cats also are recognized as state symbols in ME (Maine coon cat); in Massachusetts (tabby cat), and in Colorado, Tennessee, and Calif. (all have adopted shelter and reclaimed dogs and cats as state symbols). All S Calico is not a breed of cat, but an unusual coloring (orange, black, and white) that occurs across many breeds.

State Animal Maryland Its colors of orange and black area unit shared with the Icterus galbula (Maryland’s state bird), black-eyed Susan (state flower) and the Baltimore Checkerspot butterfly (state insect); these colors reflect the Calvert family (Lords of Baltimore) coat of arms seen on Maryland’s state flag and seal. Virtually all calico cats area unit female; a male calico may be a genetic anomaly and typically sterile.

A tortoiseshell-cat should be a tri-color (with 3 colors in distinct patches, not mixed as in a tortoiseshell cat). Some standards specify what share of the body should be white; others enable tabby marking within the color patches. To be a true tri-color, a calico cat’s colors must be white; red or cream; and black, blue, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, or fawn.

Because of the dinosaur historical importance to the state, the Maryland General Assembly passed House Bill 1170 and Senate Bill 520 by wide margins, and the governor signed them into law on October 1, 1998, giving Maryland its own state dinosaur, the Sauropod Dinosaur, (Astrodon johnstoni.) The Astrodon lived in Maryland during the Early Cretaceous period, from 95 to 130 million years ago.


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