State Animal of Oklahoma

State Animal of Oklahoma

The “American Bison” is the National State Animal of Oklahoma. It Was Officially Adopted As a National Animal in 1972. The Other Name of “Bison” Is American buffalo. The State Animal of Kansas American Bison is known to most Americans as simply “Buffalo”.

American buffalo or Bison differ in color, size, and shape from true buffaloes. Great herds of American Bison once roamed North America through the Appalachian Mountains and the Colorado Rockies Mountains. The law designating for American Buffalo, or Bison, was adopted by Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 101 on March 29, 1972.

Some Fact About State Animal of Oklahoma

Common Name: Bison or American Buffalo

Scientific Name: Bison bison

Color: The color of the bison is brown, varying slightly from the front and back of the animal. Dark-brown winter coat, and a lighter-weight, lighter-brown summer coat

Height: Head-and-body lengths range from 2 to 3.5 m (6.6 to 11.5 ft) long, the tail adding 30 to 91 cm (12 to 36 in).


The most abundant and Amazing animal in North America was formerly an American Bison. One estimate of the original number of bison in North America ranged as high as 70 million animals from research. In 1871 There was carefully estimated to have over 4 million members in Oklahoma. To see anything like this today, one would have to visit Africa or any other jungle to see the large herds of grazing animals which still remain there.

Hunted for centuries, their numbers decreased and the American Bison was on the verge of extinction by 1889. Presently numbering about 5,000, they now live in herds scattered throughout the United States in preserved areas. Oklahoma State Animal The American Buffalo, or Bison, is a massive animal that weighs from 800 to 2,000 pounds and stands nearly six feet high at the shoulder. A large head, high hump on the shoulders and dark brown shaggy hair characterize the buffalo in a Unique Way.

Kansas State Animal Bison are part of the family Bovidae, to which cattle and goats belong. State Animal of Oklahoma is not in the same family that Asian and African buffalo are. However, because Bison or American Buffalo resembled these old world animals, the early explorers called them by that name. Although it is a misnomer, the name buffalo is still used interchangeably with bison. One of the physical differences between the old world buffalo and the American bison is the large shoulder hump of the bison.