State Animal of Rhode Island

State Animal of Rhode Island

There Is No Official State Animal of Rhode Island. The State Had No Land Animal. Harbor Seals is The Official State Marine Mammal of Rhode Island. Rhode Island Marine Mammal Was Officially Adopted on July 14, 2016. Harbor seals (Phoca vitulina) is like all marine mammals and is protected under the MMPA (The United States Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972).

State Marine Mammal of Rhode Island Harbor seals are large mammals, about six feet in length and weighing about 245 pounds of harbor seal males are slightly larger than females). Their diet consists mainly of fish, shellfish, and crustaceans. They live about 25-30 years. The harbor seal (Phoca vitulina), one of the best-known seals of the world, is part of the ‘true seal’ family, Phocidae. Characteristics for the harbor seal; when it is hauled out it adopts the ‘head-up-tail-up’ posture.

State Animal in Rhode Island also moves around on land by undulating on their belly. Harbor seals have a perfect camouflage while swimming. State Marine Mammal of Rhode Island color is blue/dark grey with darker spots when seen from the top, which makes it hard to spot them from above. They have a white belly, which makes them hard to spot from below. Often females are lighter in color than males. The snout of the seal is short and concave with ‘V’ shaped nostrils. The head is small and has a round top.


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