State Animal of Washington

State Animal of Washington

Olympic Marmot Is The National State Animal of Washington. In 2009, the Olympic marmot, the only endemic mammal in Washington state, was designated as the Washington State Animal following a proposal from the 4th and 5th graders at Wedgwood School in Seattle. The Olympic Marmot inhabits the Olympic Peninsula in the western section of Washington And It Is highly social animals and may live in groups of over a dozen animals. Washington State Animal Olympic Marmots are  Gregarious bonds are made between animals in a family.

Olympic Marmots identify each other by touching And Using noses and smelling cheeks. Washington State Animal Olympic Marmots hibernate from September to May. During the morning and afternoon on summer days, Olympic Marmots feed and spend their time sunbathing on rocks. In the evening, they return to their burrows to their Familly.

State Animal of Washington Olympic Marmots is relatively easy to see during the summer months along Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic And Other National Park. Marmots have been documented in the Olympic high country since the Press, O’Neil, and other expeditions began recording the fauna of these mountains in the 1880s. Through the 1950s, explorers, hikers, and scientists shot marmots for sport, food, and museum collections. Yet the Olympic Marmots animals remained numerous in the 1960s when David Barash conducted his seminal, 3-year study of Olympic marmot behavior.

For the most part, the marmots were then left alone by researchers for the rest of the 20th century. State Animal of Washington Marmots is large members of the squirrel family. There are 14 species of marmots worldwide, including six in North America. Marmots (genus Marmota) are house-cat sized, burrowing members of the squirrel family. Their closest relatives are prairie dogs and ground squirrels. There are 14 species of marmots worldwide. The eastern woodchuck or groundhog is the most widespread of the six North American species.

State Animal of Washington The Olympic marmot (Marmota Olympus) is the second rarest of the North American marmots. After evolving in isolation for thousands of years, the Olympic marmot differs in coat color, vocalization, and chromosome number from the closely-related Vancouver Island and hoary marmots.


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