State Animal of West Virginia

State Animal of West Virginia

Black Bear is the National State Animal of West Virginia. It Was Officially Adopted on March 23, 1973, As The State Animal of West Virginia. Black Bear in West Virginia square measure commonly black with a brown muzzle associate degreed an occasional white blaze on the chest. Average body weights vary from a 150 to 350 pounds for adult males and one hundred twenty to Two Hundred Fifty pounds for females with body lengths from 3 to 6 feet.

Black bears square measure classified as carnivores even supposing their all-devouring diet consists chiefly of material. West Virginia State Animal Black bears square measure poor predators and solely eat vertebrate animals once the chance presents itself. Female black bears generally begin having cubs at 3 to 5 years of age; but, in marginal habitats, this could increase to seven years. Mating usually happens within the summer months, and cubs square measure born in winter dens in January and Feb. Litter size can range from one to five with twins being the most common.

The sex magnitude relation at birth sometimes one male to at least one feminine. Cubs measure only 8 inches in length and weigh from 8 to 12 ounces when born. State Animal of West Virginia Black bears square measure terribly intelligent, shy, and closemouthed animals – really seeing a bear within the wild may be terribly rare expertise. Black bears (Ursus americanus) aren’t forever black – there square measure cinnamon, white, beige, and “blue” (slate gray) black bears. Adult black bears vary significantly in size, from a hundred thirty – five hundred pounds (occasionally the maximum amount as 700).

The West Virginia State Animal black bear is omnivorous and will eat just about anything. While they like around the bend, berries, grasses, and roots, they also eat insects and small mammals, and if nothing else is available, carrion. The West Virginia State Animal black bear ranges from the far north (Alaska and northern Canada) to northern Mexico. They can run up to thirty mph and square measure smart swimmers. The State Animal of West Virginia Black Bear is a solitary creature (except females with cubs).

A pairing try could remain for one to many days, then part ways. The cubs square measure born within the winter throughout hibernation and can stay with their mother till their second summer. When they emerge from the winter den the mother teaches the cubs that plants to eat and wherever to seek out the grubs and different insects that may supplement their diets.