State Bird Of Connecticut

State Bird Of Connecticut

The American Robin Was adopted as the official State Bird Of Connecticut by the General Assembly in 1943. The name Robin is applied to a number of familiar birds, but in North America, it is the migratory thrush. Few birds are as ubiquitous in the United States as the American Robin. Found in all fifty states except for Hawaii. The Connecticut State Bird Robin is also the state bird of not just Connecticut, but Michigan and Wisconsin as well.

The American Robin, Turdus migra-  torius, is one of the best-known birds in North America. Robins are the largest member of the thrush family. Thrushes have large eyes, long legs, and strong bodies. Connecticut State Bird Robins are known for their habit of feeding on earthworms in lawns and for the song they sing in the morning and evening during spring and summer. American robins are very common and can be seen throughout the United States along forest borders, in orchards, gardens, parks, and backyards.

State Bird Of Connecticut can be found in southern Canada and south through Mexico, all the way to Guatemala. Some robins migrate or fly south, for the winter. They fly to places where the weather is warm—Baja California  (Mexico), the Gulf Coast, and Florida. Connecticut State Bird can fly up to 30 to 36 miles per hour and may fly 100 to 200 miles per day. The American robin lives wherever there are trees or large shrubs. Many neighborhoods provide good habitat, where robins feed on insects and worms in lawns and nest in gardens and parks.

They prefer partially open areas for feeding. Robins require generous amounts of fresh water for drinking and bathing. Adult males are gray-brown, with a darker head and tail. The bill is bright yellow, and the chin is lightly striped with white. Connecticut State Bird Robins have a white rim around their eyes. The breast is brick red, with a small white patch on the lower belly.

Females are somewhat duller in color than males. Juvenile (young) robins have a speckled breast and back, rather than the bright red breast and dark back of adults. State Bird Of Connecticut Robins is 8 to 11 inches long. They weigh 2 to 3 ounces and have a wingspan of 14 to 16 inches. Robins eat a variety of foods. State Bird Of Connecticut Can run across the ground searching for earthworms, beetles, grasshoppers, ants, termites, caterpillars, flies, spiders, and snails. They also eat a lot of fruit in the fall and winter.


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