State Bird Of Florida

State Bird Of Florida

Florida Accepted “Northern Mockingbird” As The State Bird Of Florida. On April 23, 1927, The Mockingbird Was adopted as the official State Bird of Florida By Senate Concurrent Resolution.  Florida State Bird Mockingbird is very famous in USA States. Northern mockingbirds have extraordinary vocal abilities – they can sing up to 200 songs, including the songs of other birds.

Often State Bird Of Florida will sing all night long, especially in bright springtime moonlight. Unmated male mockingbirds sing more than mated ones. The Mimus polyglottos, as the mockingbird is known scientifically, is about ten inches in length, including its relatively long tail. Florida State Bird has a light gray coat and a whitish underside. State Bird Of Florida wings and tail are darker gray with white patches. The male and females look alike. The juvenile has spotted breast.




Length: 10 inches

Wingspan: 14 inches

Weight: 1 3/4 ounces

Mockingbirds are medium-sized birds, gray above and pale below.  They have white wing patches and outer tail feathers, slender black beaks, and legs.



Habit:  Diurnal, altricial, omnivore

Diet:  Insects, fruit, crustaceans and small vertebrates

Breeding territory:  1 pair per 20 acres

Unmated male mockingbirds sing more than mated ones.  Both Male And Female mockingbirds sexes sing in the fall to claim winter feeding territories.  These areas are often different than their spring breeding territories. Mockingbirds mimic other bird’s songs.


Life Cycle>

Sexual maturity:  One year.

Mating season:  Spring and early summer.  Mockingbirds usually nest twice a year sometimes 3 or 4 times when conditions are favorable.

No. of young:  2-6 usually 3-5.  Eggs are blue-green with brown markings.



  1. Only unmated males sing at night.
  2. Female mockingbirds often build a new nest while the males finish feeding older fledglings and teaching them to fly.
  3. Mockingbirds often form long-term pair bonds.
  4. Mockingbirds vigorously defend their territory against many other species including dogs, cats, and man!
  5. Scientists have found that female mockingbirds are attracted to males that can make the most different sounds.
  6. Mockingbirds are the state bird of Texas and one of the few birds found in every kind of habitat, from desert to forest to city.
  7. Mockingbirds are thought to raise and lower their wings in order to scare up a meal of insects, frighten snakes and impress their mates.


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