State Capital Of Delaware

State Capital Of Delaware

The “Dover” City Is The State Capital Of Delaware. Dover Is The second-largest city in the U.S. state of Delaware with a Population of 36,047. Dover is located on the St. Jones River in the Delaware River coastal plain and named by William Penn for Dover in Kent, England. As of 2010. Dover was founded as the court town for newly established Kent County in 1683 by William Penn, the proprietor of the territory generally known as the “Lower Counties on Delaware.”

Later, in 1717, The State Capital Of Delaware was officially laid out by a special commission of the Delaware General Assembly. Within city limits, Delaware State Capital Dover occupies 22.4 square miles (58 square kilometers). The state capital’s population was 37,786 Doverians in 2016. Comprised of Delaware’s Kent County, the Dover DE Metropolitan Statistical Area covers a land area of 586 square miles (1,518 square kilometers).

State Capital Of Delaware Dover’s metropolitan area population is home to 174,827 inhabitants. At the city level, Dover’s population density is 1,687 residents per square mile (651 per square kilometer). The Delaware State Capital Dover has a warm temperate climate or humid subtropical climate (Köppen Cfa). Summers are hot and humid, with 23 days per year reaching or surpassing 90 °F (32 °C). Brief, but heavy summer thunderstorms are common.


City of Dover:

Founded: 1683

Incorporated: 1717


  • Type: Council-manager
  • Mayor: Robin R. Christiansen


  • State Capital and City: 24.48 sq mi (60.82 km2)
  • Land: 23.19 sq mi (60.05 km2)
  • Water: 1.29 sq mi (0.76 km2)

Population: (2010)

  • State Capital and City: 36,047
  • Estimate (2016): 37,786
  • Density: 1,629.62/sq mi (629.20/km2)
  • Metro: 152,255


Interesting Facts About Delaware’s Capital:

  1. Famously known as the penman of the Revolution, John Dickinson was born 1732 and rose to fame in 1767 for writing the “Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania, to the Inhabitants of the British Colonies.”
  2. Delaware has the lowest mean elevation (450 feet) of any state. Colorado has the highest mean elevation (14,440 feet) of all the states.
  3. The majority (almost 91%) of the population of Delaware age 5 years and older speak only English at home. Nearly 5% of the state’s population speaks Spanish.
  4. It is interesting to note here that in Delaware there are more than a million registered corporations, meaning there are more corporations than people.
  5. Delaware Bay is home to the largest population of horseshoe crabs in the world.