State Capital Of Illinois

State Capital Of Illinois

Springfield Is The State Capital Of Illinois. Springfield is the largest city in central Illinois. It occupies an area of 57,900 square miles. Illinois is the fifth most populous state in the country, with a population of more than 12.5 million residents. The Illinois State Capital is in the city of Springfield. Before Springfield was declared the capital of Illinois, two other cities served as the capitals of the US state. The State Capital Of Illinois lies in a valley and plain near the Sangamon River.

Lake Springfield, a large artificial lake owned by the City Water, Light & Power company (CWLP), supplies the city with recreation and drinking water. State Capital Of Illinois Weather is fairly typical for middle latitude locations, with hot summers and cold winters. Spring and summer weather is like that of most midwestern cities; severe thunderstorms may occur. Illinois State Capital City has a mayor-council form of government and governs the Capital Township.

The government of the state of Illinois is based in Springfield. Illinois State Capital State government entities include the Illinois General Assembly, the Illinois Supreme Court and the Office of the Governor of Illinois. The capital city of Illinois is home to some of the greatest authors including Abraham Lincoln, William Maxwell, Benjamin Thomas. Lastly, State Capital Of Illinois is a financial and retail center where the majority of residents work and earns a decent income.


Founded: April 10, 1821

Incorporated Town: April 2, 1832

City Charter: April 6, 1840


  • Mayor Jim Langfelder (D)


  • State capital and city: 66.38 sq mi (171.91 km2)
  • Land: 60.09 sq mi (155.64 km2)
  • Water: 6.28 sq mi (16.27 km2)

Elevation: 558 ft (170 m)

Population: (2010)

  • State capital and city: 116,250
  • Estimate (2017): 114,868
  • Density: 1,925.63/sq mi (743.49/km2)
  • Metro: 211,752


Fun Facts About Springfield:

1. Illinois State Capital Springfield is known for some prominent food items: the corn dog on a stick is claimed to have been invented in the city under the name “Cozy Dog”, although there is some debate to the origin of the snack.

2. Present-day Springfield was first settled by European Americans in the late 1810s, around the time Illinois became a state.

3. The most famous past resident is Abraham Lincoln, who lived in Springfield from 1837 until 1861 when he went to the White House as President.

4. Lake Springfield is a 4,200-acre man-made reservoir, the largest municipally owned utility in Illinois.

5. Wandering poet Vachel Lindsay, most famous for his poem “The Congo” and a booklet called “Rhymes to be Traded for Bread”, was born in Springfield in 1879.


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