State Capital Of Kentucky

State Capital Of Kentucky

Frankfort Is The Official State Capital Of Kentucky. Frankfort is known as the only seat of Franklin County, and the city is located along the Kentucky River and was estimated to have a population of 27,885 inhabitants in 2016. Based on population, Kentucky State Capital Frankfort is Among the Smallest Capitals in the United States. The name Frankfort was derived from an event in the 1780s. Some pioneer European-Americans who were making salt at a ford near Kentucky were attacked by American Indians.

The Indians killed a pioneer known as Stephen Frank. Following Frank’s death, the ford became known as Frank’s Ford. Frank Ford’s name was elided to become State Capital Of Kentucky Frankfort. In 1792, Frankfort was chosen as the capital of Kentucky by five commissioners who had been assigned the task of choosing a state capital. At that time, Kentucky had recently been named the 15th US state.

Then in 1794, Kentucky State Capital Frankfort had its first post office, and Daniel Weisiger became postmaster. One of the unfortunate deaths that occurred in Frankfort was that of the governor-elect, named William Goebel, who was killed in 1900 en route to Frankfort for his inauguration. Over the years, State Capital Of Kentucky Frankfort has developed. A famous building in Frankfort is the Capitol Plaza, which was built in the 1960s. Frankfort is also home to Buffalo Trace Distillery, which is a major distillery in the state.


Country: United States

State: Kentucky

County: Franklin

Established: 1786

Incorporated: February 28, 1835


  • Type: Council/Manager


  • Total: 14.6 sq mi (37.9 km2)
  • Land: 14.3 sq mi (37.1 km2)
  • Water: 0.3 sq mi (0.8 km2)

Elevation: 509 ft (155 m)

Population (2010):

  • Total: 25,527
  • Estimate: (2016) 27,885
  • Density: 1,746.3/sq mi (674.2/km2)


Geography of Frankfort

Frankfort covers a total area of 37.8 km2 and is divided into two sides by the Kentucky River. State Capital Of Kentuck has four distinct seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall. The winter season is cool and slightly snowy, while summers are very hot and humid.


Notable Tourist Destinations in Frankfort

There are several places to visit while in Kentucky State Capital Frankfort. These places include the Old State Capitol, which is a meticulous building, the New Capitol Building, Salato Wildlife Education Center, Thomas D. Clark Center, Josephine Sculpture Park, the Governor’s Mansion, Liberty Hall, Cove Springs Park, Elkhorn Creek, and the Capital Museum, among others.