State Capital Of Maine

State Capital Of Maine

Augusta Is The Official State Capital Of Maine. The City’s population was 19,136 at the 2010 census, making it the third-least populous state capital in the United States after Montpelier, Vermont and Pierre, South Dakota, and the ninth-most populous city in Maine. Located on the Kennebec River at the head of the tide, Maine State Capital Augusta is home to the University of Maine at Augusta. State Capital Of Maine Augusta is also the principal city in the Augusta-Waterville Micropolitan Statistical Area.

In 1754 in the time of the French and Indian War, a palisade fort was built at the head of navigation of the Kennebec River, adjacent to Cushnoc, a 17th-century trading post, to protect English villages in the region and to promote settlement in the area. The British colonial outpost was named Fort Western. Cushnoc was incorporated in 1771, and the name changed to Augusta. Maine, originally an exclave of Massachusetts became a state in 1820.

First State Capital Of Maine was in the port city of Portland, but the government moved to Maine State Capital Augusta in 1832, for its more central location within the state. Maine State Capital Augusta became the first seat of Kennebec County when it was formed in 1799. When Maine entered the Union in 1820, Portland was its first capital, but in 1827, the state legislature Adopted Augusta as the capital. The legislature continued to meet in Portland, however, until 1832, when buildings were ready for the government to move.

The climate of State Capital Of Maine Augusta is classified as humid continental. It consists of wet, warm, and humid summers whereas the winters are cold and snowy. July is the hottest month with temperatures rising above 26 degrees Celsius. January is the coldest month with an average low temperature of -12.2 degrees Celsius. Maine’s system of government comprises of a Mayor and the City Council. The City Council is in charge of all legislative duties of the city. There is also a City Manager who serves as the purchasing agent of the city.


Fun Facts About Augusta:

  • Augusta’s Springfield Baptist Church is the oldest independently formed African-American congregation still meeting on its original site. It is also where Morehouse College originated.
  • The Georgia Republican Party and the Southern Baptist Convention were both started in Augusta.
  • At least 10 Confederate generals were either born in the Augusta area, called it home at one time, or are buried here.