State Coat of Arms Of Michigan

State Coat of Arms Of Michigan

State Coat of Arms Of Michigan appears on the state seal and the state flag and contains the state motto. Coat of Arms Of Michigan was adopted at the Constitutional Convention of 1835. Lewis Cass, Michigan’s second (non-acting) Territorial governor, created the original design. From Michigan Goverment About Michigan State Coat of Arms: “Michigan’s Coat of Arms was inspired by the 17th Century coat of arms of the Hudson’s Bay Company, one of the earliest and largest fur-trading  companies in North America.”

The State Coat of Arms Of Michigan is familiar to us because it is shown on Michigan’s state flag. This first occurred in 1837. From that time, numerous flags were in use bearing the State Coat of Arms, with various designs and emblems. It was not until 1865, however, that an official Michigan flag was adopted. The design of this flag, recommended by Adjutant-General John Robertson, and approved by Governor Crapo, bore on one side the Michigan State Coat of Arms on a field of blue. On the reverse side were the arms of the United States.

State Flag Of Michigan was first unfurled at the laying of the cornerstone at the monument of the Soldiers’ National Cemetery at Gettysburg on the Fourth of July, 1865.  At the top of the State Coat of Arms are the words, “E Pluribus Unum.” These words come from our national motto meaning, “From many, one.” Or, in other words, forming one nation from many states. In The State Coat of Arms Of Michigan, Below is the American Eagle, the national bird of Michigan.

This symbolizes the superior authority and jurisdiction or control of the United States. In its claws, the eagle holds three arrows and an olive branch with 13 olives. The arrows show that our nation is ready to defend its principles. The olive branch means we want peace. The olives stand for the first 13 states. “Tuebor,” meaning, “I will defend,” refers to Michigan’s frontier position. The shield is held by two animals representing Michigan, the elk on the left and the moose on the right.


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