State Fish Of California

State Fish Of California

California Golden Trout Is The State Fish Of California. The California Golden Trout (Salmo agua-Bonita) was Officially Accepted As the official State Fish of California in The Year Of 1947. The Golden trout fish is native to California State And was named the official state fish by the act of the State Legislature in 1947. Originally California State Fish Golden Trout found only in a few icy streams of the headwaters of the Kern River.

Hatchery-raised fish have now extended the range of the California golden trout to many glasses of water at high elevation in the Sierra Nevadas and also other states. The State Fsh of California golden trout is closely related to two other rainbow trout subspecies. The Little Kern California State Fish golden trout (O. m. whites), found in the Little Kern River basin, and the Kern River rainbow trout (O. m. Gilberti), found in the Kern River system.

Together, these Two trout from what is sometimes referred to as the “golden trout complex”. The State Fish Of California golden trout is between five to seven inches long and has a yellow gold to olive green color on its belly and sides. Golden Trout has two brilliant red stripes. One runs from the last lower fin to in front of the gill, and the other is on the lateral line beginning at the seventh lateral spot and also runs to the gill.

The habitat of the golden trout is in two main areas, the South Fork Kern River and the Golden Trout Creek. This area is in federal control and has been protected by federal and state efforts for the last 50 years. In the spring, when the water begins to warm, the larva and phytoplankton begin to grow again and the trout start to find places for nests.

They will spawn only when the water temperature reaches 10 degrees Celsius which is at the end of April or the beginning of May. Peak spawning is in June or July when the water reaches 16 to 18 degrees Celsius. Temperature is not the main variable for spawning. The State Fish Of California golden trout is susceptible to hybridization with rainbow trout that has been artificially stocked in its habitat. This has made the species almost disappear, however, efforts have been made to stop breeding with non-native trout.


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