State Flower of Alaska

State Flower of Alaska

Alpine Forget-me-not Is The State Flower of Alaska. Alaska Authority adopted the wild native alpine forget-me-not as their state flower in 1917. Alpine forget-me-nots belong to one of the few plant families that display true blue flowers. True forget-me-nots (Myosotis scorpioides) are popular in mixed borders and shade gardens where their sky blue flowers are a sure sign of spring.

The alpine forget-me-not is a dainty perennial that blooms in early summer. The Alaska State Flowers are essentially identical to the true forget-me-not and in the same shade of true blue, but alpine forget-me-nots are borne on shorter stalks (about 6 inches high). The plant has small tufted leaves and a loose papery sheath at the base of the stems.


General Description:

Stems erect to ascending, 1–10 cm. Herbage sericeous. Leaves 4–10 mm long, rounded at the tip; hairs denser toward the tip. Flowers: calyx 2–2.5 mm long; corolla 2–4 mm long, the limb 4–8 mm wide. Nutlets ca. 2 mm long, smooth.


Alpine Forget-me-not related species:

Woodland Forget-me-not is often erroneously sold as M. alpestris. Woodland National  Flower of Alaska forget-me-not requires moderate shade and rich, moist soil to grow well; it is not a good choice for the well-drained soils of most rock gardens. It is an annual or biennial plant and readily self-sows. Alaska State Flower The flowers range in color from blue to pink and white.


Facts About Forget me not:


  1. Forget me not flowers are seen in rocky mountainous areas, woods, humid fields with altitudes of 700-2800 m.
  2. The fragrant Forget me not flowers are hermaphrodite and are pollinated by bees, flies, and Lepidoptera (Moths & Butterflies).
  3. Forget me not flowers bloom between July and September.
  4. The whole Forget me not plant has astringent and ophthalmic properties and can be used as a lotion.
  5. Forget me not plant’s properties are an excellent remedy for many eye diseases.
  6. Forget me not plant is propagated by division in March or October or by stem cuttings taken in summer.
  7. Forget me not plant is tiny, with elliptical and hairy leaves in a rosette at the bottom, and about 2 cm long.
  8. The variety of Myosotis alba has white flowers and the variety Myosotis area has yellow flowers.


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