State Flower Of Indiana

State Flower Of Indiana

The Peony (Paeonia) Is The State Flower Of Indiana. The Peony (Paeonia) was adopted as the state flower by the 1957 General Assembly of Indiana (Indiana Code 1-2-7). From 1931 to 1957 The Flower Zinnia Was the State Flower Of Indiana. No particular variety or Color of peony was designated by the Indiana General Assembly. Indiana State Flower Peony is extremely popular for decorating grave sites for Memorial Day and is cultivated widely throughout the state. Peony flowers are extensively grown as ornamental plants for their very large, often scented cut flowers.

State Flower Of Indiana Peony is a herbaceous perennial, with 30 species, but some are woody shrubs with 10 species. Peony is native to Asia, Southern Europe, and Western North America. Indiana State Flower Peony is one of the oldest plants cultivated. Peony was in cultivation in China about 1,400 to 4,000 years ago. The Peony features five or more large outer petals called guard petals. At the center of the Peony are the stamens or modified stamens. The State Flower Of Indiana Peony plant produces large, fragrant flowers in shades of red to white or yellow, light pink to magenta in late spring and early summer.


Varieties Of Peony:

  • Single forms: Single forms of Peony have centers of pollen-bearing stamens.
  • Semi-Double: Centers of semi-double Peony forms consist of broad petals intermingled with pollen-bearing stamens.
  • Double Peony: Double Peony types have dense centers of only broad petals (transformed stamens).
  • Anemone Form: The anemone form of State Flower Of Indiana Peony, often included in the semi-double category, may have more than one row of guard petals encircling a center of thin, petal-like structures.
  • Japanese type: Japanese type Peony is similar to the anemones but has staminodes (stamens that do not produce pollen) in their centers.


Facts About The Peony:

  • The Peony is a perennial favorite in the flower garden. Few herbaceous plants can rival the Peonies for floral display and foliage.
  • The Japanese name for the Peony, Ebisugusuri, means medicine from China. In traditional folk medicine, Peony root was used as a treatment for menstrual cramps, asthma, and convulsions.
  • Owing to its beauty, the Chinese call the Peony – King of flowers or the Flower Fairy.
  • There are two types of Indiana State Flower Peony grown in home gardens: Garden Peony or Paeonia hybrids, and Tree Peony or Paeonia suffruticosa.
  • Peonies can be affected by fatal fungal diseases, which include Phytophthora blight and Verticillium Wilt.