State Flower of Louisiana

State Flower of Louisiana

Magnolia Grandiflora or Southern Magnolia, belonging to the Magnoliaceae family, is the Louisiana State Flower. In 1900, House Bill No. 280 was introduced to the Louisiana General Assembly proposing that the blossom of the magnolia be adopted as the Official State Flower of Louisiana. Magnolia is native to South America, southwest and East Asia, the West Indies, Central America, and the eastern parts of North America.

The Southern Magnolia is grown as an ornamental flowering tree in the state. Magnolia is a huge genus with over 210 species in the Magnoliaceae family. It is a prehistoric plant genus that is believed to have appeared before the bees. State Flower of Louisiana Magnolia was named by a French botanist known as Magnolia Pierre. The locals love paying homage to Magnolia flower that is beautiful and quintessentially southern. The Magnolia flower became the official state flower of Louisiana in 1900.

Louisiana State Flower Magnolia flowers grow at the tip of the branches of the Magnolia tree. The Magnolia grandiflora is a huge evergreen tree which can attain a maximum height of about 90 ft. The huge dark-green leaves of the Magnolia tree are about 4.75 inches wide and 7.75 inches long. The tree has a pyramidal shape and a single stem. The flower is big, showy, and fragrant white with a diameter of about 11.75 inches. The flowers have 6 to 12 petals and 3 sepals with a waxy texture which emerge from the twig’s tips during the late spring season.


Louisiana State Wildflower

The official State Wildflower of Louisiana is the Iris giganticaerulea, commonly known as the Louisiana iris. It was designated in 1990. Louisiana iris is a rhizomatous perennial plant that is native to northern America. It has a large green rhizome that is about 12 inches long and 1.5 inches thick. Louisiana State Wildflower Iris giganticaerulea is a shallow-rooted plant with about 6 bright green, sword-shaped leaves that are about 1.5 inches wide and 30 inches long.

Its tall stems can attain a maximum length of approximately 71inches with three branches. These branches have one or two terminal flowers, and an iris plant can have up to 12 flowers. These flowers range in color from violet-blue, to dark blue, to lavender blue, and to pale blue. Occasionally, the Louisiana iris can produce yellowish white or white flowers. The Louisiana iris blossoms from early to mid-summer. Its fragrance has a musky scent. The flowers of this iris species are about 6inches across with three outer sepals and six petals.


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