State Flower Of Massachusetts

State Flower Of Massachusetts

Mayflower Is The Official State Flower Of Massachusetts. Mayflower was adopted as the state flower in 1918. Other names for the flower are the trailing arbutus and the ground laurel. The choice for the flower was made following the arrival of the Pilgrim Fathers at Plymouth Rock in their ship that was named “The Mayflower.” Upon arrival, they found the plant growing in abundance. They named it The Mayflower. With a scientific name of Epigaearegens, the Massachusetts State Flower Mayflower has been listed as an endangered species in some states of the US. The flowers are pink in color and fading to white.

State Flower Of Massachusetts Mayflowers is Pale pink or white. Each Mayflower has a small tube ending in 5 flared lobes. The Mayflower lobes are about 1/2 inch long, growing in the small terminal and upper axillary clusters. The Massachusetts State Flower Mayflower blooms are waxy, exquisitely sweet-scented flowers intensifying with age. The small, crowded clusters of Mayflower are borne in the axils of the leaves and at the tips of the stems. Mayflower blooms are often hidden from view by the leaves, especially early in the season.

Mayflower also has a strong fragrance. The flowers grow in clusters at the ends of the branches. The plant itself is woody and grow over the ground with rusty hairs covering the twigs. The leaves have an alternate arrangement, rounded base, the hair on the underside, and smooth on the upper side. The plant grows on moist acidic soil in shaded areas. The soil the plant prefers is also sandy or rocky.

The range of the flower stretches from Newfoundland in Canada to the US state of Florida, all the way west to Kentucky, and finally to the Northwest Territories. As the official State Flower Of Massachusetts and Nova Scotia, the flower forms part of the floral emblem of the state as well as the province of Nova Scotia. Since the plant is extremely endangered, the state has been enforcing a fine of $50 to anyone found digging up the plant.


Facts About Mayflowers

  • The scientific name, Epigaea repens, coined by Linnaeus in 1753 from Greek and Latin, literally means creeping (or running) on the earth.
  • Mayflower plant leaves are alternate, evergreen, leathery, Ovate or oblong, with an entire margin and a rounded or heart-shaped base.
  • The Mayflower has a small fleshy fruit, 5-chambered, many-seeded capsule that splits open at maturity. Ants then disperse the seeds.


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