State Horse Of Alabama

State Horse Of Alabama

Racking Horse Is The State Horse Of Alabama. Alabama State designated the racking horse as the official state horse in 1975. The State of Alabama also recognizes an official state horse show. Racking Horses or Pacers are 5 gaited horses. The Alabama State Horse rack is an unusual gate where the legs on the right or left side move in unison. It is unusual because it sets the horse a bit off balance.

The lean right to left. A racking horse is more commonly referred to as a five-gaited horse. Horses have three gaits they perform naturally: Walk, Trot, and Canter (or gallop or run). State Horse Of Alabama The other two gaits are man-made and are called the rack and the slow gait. Both the rack and the slow gait are four beat gaits. Each hoof hits the ground individually, producing a unique sound.

Most five-gaited horses can rack faster then they can trot, and almost as fast as a gallop. Riding a racking horse is a very pleasant experience, as the rack is an extremely smooth gait. The slow gait is nothing more than a much slower track, done at about walking speed.


Interesting Facts About Racking Horse:

  1. The spotted ‘pinto’ variety of the racking horse may be double-registered as ‘Spotted Saddle Horse’.
  2. In horse shows, while assessing the ‘rack’ of these Racking Horses, the judges emphasize more on speed and correct movement of the stallions and the mares, rather than their extreme elevation.
  3. When in motion, the rack of the horse may be anything between 8 mph (during pleasure or style racking), up to 30 mph (during speed racking).
  4. Since 1975, the Racking Horse is the official state horse of Alabama.