State Motto of Montana

State Motto of Montana

“Oro y Plata” Is The Official State Motto of Montana. The State Motto “Oro y Plata” Is A Spanish Term Which Means “Gold and Silver”. It was selected by a Montana Territory legislative committee tasked with presenting a design for the territory’s official seal.

Montana State Motto appears on the current state seal and the state flag. As the committee discussed the new seal the question of a territorial State Motto was introduced. Based on the mineral wealth that Montana had produced since 1862, members favored “Gold and Silver” as a meaningful motto for Montana State. Someone thought the State Motto of Montana would have a nice ring in Spanish and, again, there was agreement.

Seal design and Montana State Motto were presented to the Legislature on February 4, 1865. At this time there was a suggestion that “El Dorado,” meaning “the place of gold,” might be more appropriate than simply “Gold and Silver.” But both Montana houses approved the seal with the Montana State Motto ‘Oro y Plata’ and Territorial Governor Sidney Edgerton signed the bill into law on February 9, 1865. 


Montana State Nicknames


  1. “The Treasure State”

This popular Montana state nickname goes all the way back to 1895 and is a reference to Montana’s rich mineral resources (just like the Montana motto), particularly that of the greatly desired gold and silver.


  1. “Big Sky Country”

This State Nickname Of Montana was presented at the 1962 promotion of the Montana State Highway Department. The origin of the nickname stems from a book by Alfred Bertram Guthrie Jr. “Big Sky” which was suggested by a highway employee.


  1. “The Headwaters State”

State Nickname Of Montana Is The mountains of Montana are the origin of many water and river systems, for instance, the Missouri and Colombia have their origin in Montana’s Rocky Mountains.


Montana State Slogans


“Montana – Naturally Inviting”

This Montana state slogan is from 1985.


“Montana – Unspoiled, Unforgettable”

This state slogan of Montana is from 1988 and was adopted by the State Tourism Advisory Council.


“EZ 2 LUV”

The Montana state office of tourism adopted “EZ 2 LUV” as a slogan in 1995.