State Song of Arkansas

State Song of Arkansas

“Oh, Arkansas” by Terry Rose and Gary Klaff is the official State Song of Arkansas. Arkansas designated “Oh, Arkansas”  as The Official Arkansas State Song in 1987. It was Written in 1986 for the state’s 150th-Anniversary Celebration and was Named an official “State Song”.


It’s the spirit of the mountains and the spirit of the Delta,

It’s the spirit of the Capitol dome.

It’s the spirit of the river and the spirit of the lakes,

It’s the spirit that’s in each and every home.

It’s the spirit of the people and the spirit of the land,

It’s the spirit of tomorrow and today.

Oh Arkansas, oh Arkansas, Arkansas U.S.A.

It’s the spirit of friendship, it’s the spirit of hope.

It’s the Razorbacks every game they play.

Oh Arkansas, oh Arkansas, Arkansas U.S.A.

It’s the spirit of the forest, it’s the spirit of the eagle.

It’s the spirit of the country that we love.

It’s the spirit of pride that we all feel deep inside,

It’s the spirit that shines from above.

It’s the spirit of our fathers, it’s the spirit of our kids,

It’s the spirit of the music that we play.

Oh Arkansas, Oh Arkansas, Oh Arkansas U.S.A.

Oh Arkansas, Oh Arkansas, Oh Arkansas U.S.A.

Oh Arkansas, Oh Arkansas, Oh Arkansas U.S.A.


“Arkansas” Is The Another Official State Song Of Arkansas. It Was written by Eva Ware Barnett in 1916 And Become one of the official state songs of Arkansas. “Arkansas” was first adopted Arkansas State Anthem in the early 20th century but was removed in 1949 due to a copyright dispute. After the state settled the dispute by buying all claims to its copyright, it was restored as state song in 1963.


I am thinking tonight of the Southland,

Of the home of my childhood days,

Where I roamed through the woods and the meadows

By the mill and the brook that plays;

Where the roses are in bloom

And the sweet magnolia too,

Where the jasmine is white

And the fields are violet blue,

There a welcome awaits all her children

Who has wandered far from home?


‘Tis a land full of joy and of sunshine,

Rich in pearls and in diamonds rare,

Full of hope, faith, and love for the stranger,

Who may pass ‘neath her portals fair;

There the rice fields are full,

And the cotton, corn, and hay,

There the fruits of the field

Bloom in the winter months and May,

‘Tis the land that I love, first of all, dear,

And to her let us all give a cheer.


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