State Song Of Iowa

State Song Of Iowa

“Song of Iowa” Is The State Song Of Iowa. The Song words Are Written by Samuel Hawkins Marshall (S.H.M.) Byers and traditional melody of “O, Tannenbaum,” was adopted by the Iowa Legislature as the Iowa State Song on March 20, 1911. There is frequently much confusion as to the status of the so-called State Song Of Iowa, due largely to the fact that they may be chosen by official action, by popular approval, or by a combination of the two methods.

In the Middle West particularly, where state boundaries are artificial and the population has constantly shifted, it is not surprising that there should be much uncertainty. There have been many aspirants to the honor of writing the Iowa State Song, but only three or four of these songs have received noteworthy official or popular recognition.


There is a secret message in the State Song Of Iowa. After the verses finish and the guitars fade out, Corey Taylor can be heard screaming multiple things. One of the things he is screaming is something that sounds like “Gah making noises” repeatedly. This is actually a sample of Corey screaming played by Craig Jones. When the Iowa State Song is played backward, it is actually “don’t look at me”.


“Song of Iowa”

You asked what land I love the best, Iowa, tis Iowa,

The fairest State of all the west, Iowa, O! Iowa,

From yonder Mississippi‘s stream

To where Missouri‘s waters gleam

O! fair it is a poet’s dream, Iowa, in Iowa.


See yonders fields of tasseled corn, Iowa in Iowa,

Where plenty fills her golden horn, Iowa in Iowa,

See how her wonderous praries shine.

To yonder sunset’s purpling line,

O! happy land, O! land of mine, Iowa, O! Iowa.


And she has made whose laughing eyes, Iowa, O! Iowa.

To him, whose loves were Paradise, Iowa, O! Iowa

O! happiest fate that ever was known.

Such eyes to shine for one alone,

To call such beauty all his own. Iowa, O! Iowa


Go read the story of thy past. Iowa, O! Iowa

What glorious deeds, what fame thou hast! Iowa, O! Iowa

So long as time’s great cycle runs,

Or nations weep their fallen ones,

Thou’lt not forget thy patriot sons, Iowa, O! Iowa